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  1. mebbe

    Panties or G-Strings?

    I dislike anything that feels like I'm flossing my butt. what material panties are you wearing? cotton is the best.
  2. nonon, I suggest you think about this comment.
  3. you'll be fine. it won't affect your curls. you've had them for six weeks already. if you had them done the day before, then maybe it'd be a problem lol
  4. pretty sure it will fade just like the initial one.
  5. I hope you didn't decline the opportunity to study overseas just because of a boyfriend, because that's just stupid.
  6. mebbe


    you have access to the internet don't you? Use it.
  7. I don't think the color of your thighs is of any concern to him. it shouldn't be of any concern to him anyway if he likes you for you.
  8. if your legs are one uniformed color, what's the big deal?
  9. personally, any birthday past 21 is not worth any sort of big celebration.   if you want him to do something for your birthday, open your mouth and say so. otherwise, don't complain about it.
  10. I'd accept "comfortable", but "cute"? Yuck.
  11.   if you like him very much, who cares? you're going to pass up on someone who could be the love of your life all because he's shorter than you are and you can't wear heels? I can think of worse things.
  12. I'm not a big fan of leather. it has to be very soft and almost cloth-like for me to like it. I also don't use handbags.
  13. mebbe

    Online Shopping

    yesstyle.com is a good place for all Asian clothing :)
  14. pretty sure you pick the stud you want. there are different colors etc.
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