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  1. [img]http://www.friendlyfashion.my/assets/emoticons/hi.gif[/img] [img]http://www.friendlyfashion.my/assets/emoticons/hand_shake.gif[/img] I newbie here...sharing info; opinion; make new & more friends... Please do assist me > for more improvement And please check it out my blog site @ facebook.. Thank you... [img]http://www.friendlyfashion.my/assets/emoticons/smile.gif[/img] [img]http://www.friendlyfashion.my/assets/emoticons/flower.gif[/img]
  2. Do share your experience > celebrating Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri - Raya Day Thank you..
  3. How do you celebrate 31st August Merdeka Day- Independent Day? Give some suggestion or share your experience... Thank you for you support
  4. Awesome.... Interesting topic Check more info.. nice
  5. Hai, Awesome Nice stuff . looking forward for it Check out my blog site tooo Thank
  6. She is beautiful; had own style... Support
  7. I love all CSI - I try not missed it ... Always catch it ....also NCIS..... They are pro...
  8. Yes, all great Awesome - the Opening Ceremony 2012 London Olympic Games
  9. All nice song; music - Chinesse; English - Baby Baby especially K-pop - hit SNSD; Super Junior; Big Bang; JYJ. TVXQ, ....ect Fantastic Baby.... SORRY SORRY SORRY Like this.....
  10. Hai, The most fastest runner - Women can Support sport....
  11. Always support our Malaysia Teams... Support LCW
  12. Hai, Awesome stuff...
  13. Yes. Nowdays, handphone very useful. I have nice one - Guess watch > fashion accessories
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