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  1. May i know where is the most delicious chicken chop you ever had at JB or KL?? Please recommend.... 
  2. kept the shoes under my closet? no way.. but its an good idea anw.....
  3. I only have one pcs of flora blazer bought from BKK. 
  4.     this is quite unique!
  5. hey girls, wondering how do u girls keep your earrings? any excellent idea can share?
  6. Only two options for you:   1. Since your BF is really good to u, so u should tolerate his mother, no matter what she is the one gave birth to him and raise him up, accept the truth and try to find a way to compromise   2. if you think u really can not accept his mother and now including his family, then u better leave him ASAP and move forward, because this will nvr be an end...
  7. Went Venice, an unforgettable romantic journey...  here are some pics to share with you guys                
  8. If you have your own budget, then no need to spent huge money to have good skin. To eat more fresh fruits everyday, balance diet and exercise more often= natural beauty...   to clean your face completely after a day out and use alcohol-free skin care. 
  9. Sometimes girls don't understand themselves too, haha!
  10. [quote name='shero' timestamp='1344573501' post='611724'] Leryn Franco, from Paraguay [img]http://news.shangdu.com/huajiao/20120731/P_5672967_10__1542815837.jpg[/img] [/quote] she is also the top model, isn't she?!
  11. I have itchy scalp, I tried head and shoulder, things getting better now
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