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  1. anyone interested?my wc id renton99. :-)
  2. Maybe mr keras can share his girl's number with us..huhu *_^
  3. U wanna try xiao tomato??huhu
  4. Of course it's nice for those who enjoy it....u wanna try xiao tomato????huhu.....
  5. [quote name='Alzier' timestamp='1338086495' post='608677'] oooo can i be a phone sex stalker too hahahaha come come give me your number [/quote] huhu.....i'm sure thre's a girl here will give her number to u.......
  6. [quote name='cindytells' timestamp='1337895590' post='608554'] i have had calls from strangers before and ask if i would like to have a phone sex with them, how did they get my number >.< [/quote] Maybe u ever entertain that kind of call b4??then they distribute your num....
  7. [quote name='Miss F' timestamp='1337225215' post='608354'] Not really... though it sounds intriguing... have you? [/quote] Yeah i've tried that few times...quite interesting....but it's juz 4 fun......rather than pleasure ourself alone....
  8. Hye everybody....anyone here tried Phone sex??
  9. [quote name='Rainie Chong' timestamp='1334140502' post='607281'] hi, i dont have any knowledge of accounting. So should i take LCCI or diploma in accounting? If after LCCI can i straight go for ACCA?? Straight go for ACCA better or degree?? [/quote] I think better to get LCCi or diploma first...ACCA quite though if u dun have any knowledge of accounting...and it's pre-req is to have dip i guess...
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