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  1. I Love Love Love my Mommy dearest bcos she's always soooo supportive and always there for me. Like she is so good to me and always help me with everything. Love you, mommy! you are the world's best [img]http://www.malaysianbabes.net/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/wub.gif[/img]
  2. Depends la how much left in my bank But usually try my best to control at once per month My best friend and I selalu online shop bersama2.
  3. Sleep early! Hehe But I think some are genetic...old ways still help like putting cold cucumber on the eyes
  4. [quote name='jaq' timestamp='1335940467' post='607931'] Oh no! Aliana, that's really bad news. Why not use Clean & Clear? I am using that brand and it is working for my skin. I'm using Clean & Clear's essentials range. It's really just 3 simple steps: 1. Rinse your face with their essentials facial foam 2. Use the essentials oil-control toner as well. 3. Last but not least, must not forget the essentials moisturizer! I also just recently discovered this and it helps so much. Before this, I only use the facial foam! If you have oily skin, maybe you can try their Deep Action Cleanser. My best friend is using that. You can find out so much on their Facebook page - [url="https://www.facebook.com/mycleanclear/app_138810096244663"]CLEAN & CLEAR[/url] Harap2 your face gets better [/quote] Awesome! I tried and it helped reduce the breakout! So glad! Thanks, jaq!
  5. Hi gurls, Heard before that Carmen Soo (if I tak silap) uses metal spoon every morning! She will keep metal spoon in fridge overnight and use it in the morning on the eye bags to reduce them! Nasib baik I tak ada lagi! Maybe soon after day & nite play with the [url="https://apps.facebook.com/cncbffmodelsearch/?ref=ts"]Clean & Clear best friends[/url] contest on facebook Hope semua ada mata yg cantik bersiinar
  6. aliana

    Skinny jeans

    Skinny jeans are my fav!!! [img]http://www.malaysianbabes.net/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/wub.gif[/img]
  7. aliana


    MNG totally rocks! Agree with you girls! Harap2 all go like my album for me and my bff! Join the fun!
  8. I does my facial AT HOME! So far so good!
  9. Hey girls, need help & advice...been having breakouts problem. Currently using mom's brand Amway range but doesnt seem to help....Any advice?
  10. [quote name='jaq' timestamp='1335845566' post='607897'] Hey aliana, I am joining that contest too! I hope it's me and my best friend who will win it...dah post 4 album dah! dapat free sample lagi! Shortlisted nanti jumpa ya! [/quote] Best kan? Hope to win that RM5,000 in cash babe All the best!
  11. [color="#5C6375"][size="2"][left]Facial wash: Clean & Clear Deep Cleanser[/left][/size][/color][color="#5C6375"][size="2"][left]Facial Scrub: None[/left][/size][/color][color="#5C6375"][size="2"][left]Toner: Clean & Clear Fairness Toner[/left][/size][/color][color="#5C6375"][size="2"][left]Moisterizer: Burt's Bee (cuba2)[/left][left][size=2]Mask: Skinfood[/size][/left][left][size=2]Eye gel: Skinfood[/size][/left][left][size=2]Acne/blackheads remover : None[/size][/left][/size][/color] [color="#5C6375"][size="2"][left] [/left][/size][/color]
  12. Sunplay is my choice! especially when I go to the beach for holiday! bestnyer!
  13. OMG...thanks for this....must make sure never go....thanks babes
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