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  1. condom 100% SAFE = NO! why? condom is rubber n it will tear out. But your partner need to know when to change it. currently i just trust 1 brand, DUREX ps: keep ask your bf to change condom if your make luv time it's too long or you feel un-comfort with it.
  2. Anyway is kinky to take pict while make luv huhuhuhu i've try it, and then we look at the video and picture. After that, we getting horny again... n make love again.... huhuhuhu The end of the day we delete the pict and video, coz it's expired already huhuhuhu..... new recorded means hot n steamy.....
  3. sometimes guy dunno how to START. anyway.... no harm to told him that u SYOK with him ;)
  4. hot topics!!! so anyone throw the PARTY!!!!
  5. horn or horny???

  6. huhuhuhu no komen je la... hahahaha
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