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  1. [quote name='stellachew90' timestamp='1332398521' post='606780'] In the market think it's going to cost around RM 2K la…anyway it's your darling buying for you so no need to worry la kekeke…normally ppl will take package since you will be using data and call….I found one that cost RM 1409 only…you can check here [url="http://www.celcom.com.my/smartphones/tablets.php#tablet4"]http://www.celcom.co...ets.php#tablet4[/url] [/quote]And it come with bookcase worth RM 249..really value for money lol..kekeke..now will hint hint darling to bring me to celcom store to get one lol…should he get the 12 mths or 24 mths contract ah??
  2. Hi hi just need to feedback on this tablet coz b’day is around the corner and darling is buying me a tablet for birthday gift J….was looking at this tab…is the good and how much is it?? Thanks in advance ya
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