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  1. Hey guys, how do I ask for nego price with the seller? Been wanting to try carousell just a bit scared.. Cos often I bought at instagram
  2. Is it true? Thanks for sharing such important info! Since it could be found easily in pharmacy, guess I will buy 1 for my sis for a try
  3. She isnt pregnant and her discharge is yellow in color for sure. She feels itchy all the time I brought her to the nearest clinic, unfortunately her issue yet been resolved
  4. My sis is suffering now. She fees itchy around her v all the time, somemore she have to wear panty liner everyday because she discharged think and cloudy but now her discharge become yellowish and smells like rotten fish! I wonder whats wrong with her? Anyone here experienced before?
  5. Currently in Malaysia only the Hong Leong Bank and Standard Charted Bank got offer te KLIBOR housing loan.. The Hong Leong Bank KLIBOR loan got 1 more advantage as the KLIBOR is flexi home loan
  6. FYI guys, usually during the F1 season many activities will going on especially at KLCC… Mayb u will luck enough to have some freebies lol so this wekend for sure we will go KLCC [img]http://www.malaysianbabes.net/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/thumbup1.gif[/img]
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