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  1. Would anyone know how much is a Mont Blanc Star Bracelet cost?
  2. Ip Man....Recommended.... So far the best HK movie this year
  3. Kahyeec, you are right! Called up LV today, the black one is priced at a whooping RM12300!!! I was expecting the bag around RM8000 max, can't convince myself to buy a bag above 10k.
  4. you can try www.gojane.com US store and yet they ship to Malaysia!
  5. I am contemplating between both....any suggestion?
  6. sunny


    Yeah, i luvvv diner dash......a little bit difficult to move the waitress around at first using psp especially if you are used to playing this game on PC
  7. very nice chocolate....bought a small box last time with less than 20pieces inside cost me RM100++ get the one with liquor
  8. Does Tiffany charge for polishing? If so how much?
  9. Anyone know where should i go to reduce appearance of a gummy smile? Perhaps someone can share her experience here? Thanks
  10. sunny

    eyebrow embroidery

    Hmm, i did mine at Ultimate too!!! First time when i did it, it turned brownish red within a year! The beautician told me due to my oily skin thats why the colour fades out faster....I thought that is reasonable so I re-do again the second time but I was not really satisfy with the result as it didn't fully cover up all the brownish red area.... I am thinking to remove the embroidery and more like wash it off....Can anyone who recommend me a salon that does this? I heard there are a few in Sg Wang that offer such service.....help
  11. sunny

    GSC vs TGV

    Prefer GSC....Normally book and pay online coz i hate to stay in the queue
  12. Product of UK thus it's cheap there....Went to Watson, Guardian and even Tesco but no luck
  13. Hi wendy, any salon in PJ carries this product?
  14. Does anyone know is any pharmacies or dental clinic in Malaysia carry this product? thanks
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