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  1. so I'm guessing this campus marketplace is similar to other groups also... Wish i had one of those when i was a college student
  2. me too.. used carousell sometimes, when I have things to let go.... and yes, I always use the texting system to negotiate, confirm the price and postage method
  3. OK Thanks ya..Is this the site? And do they have mobile apps though? its easier to keep update then
  4. Is there any requirement or fees to sell there? I'm selling customised painted eco-bag.. Just need a better platform than what i have now....
  5. normally ang pao easier but since they will need more baby stuff thn mayb u can buy those hamper type gift set include napkins, bottles etc that is better
  6. note 4 ?!?! i just got mine! haha.. i like the fast charging features alot.. saved 50% of my time per day!
  7. Haha thanks... I'm actually looking at Iphone 5s now cos my dad said he will pay if I get iphone. He is a apple supporter and got all of us to use iphone. He will facetime us at least once a day lol. With that I can also get in touch with my aunt and her family who just moved to Aussie too.
  8. Which smartphone is smooth ar? I wanna die using my samsung s3 liao. It's suppperrr duppperrr lagggg. I don't know it's my problem for keeping too much files or the phone problem. I'm not really a heavy user cos normally I just use social apps and gps. Anyway since it's kinda outdated so I will be changing a new one. Please provide me some suggestion. Thanks!
  9. [size=5][font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]have you guys found out the recent masterpiece created by Red Hong? A massive 14 metres-high and 6 metres-wide image of a [font=courier new,courier,monospace][i]soaring bird[/i]! [/font]a [i]dove[/i] signifying peace, with eyes of an eagle to show tenacity.. she is a legend, isnt she ? [/font][/size]
  10. Here's the behind scene for Red Hong's masterpiece using feather. Quoted from her, initially it was a challenge for her, but at last, she still able to make it, by using just one catridge of HP Ink Advantage cartridge(cost only RM37), and 1500 pieces of copy to produce a huge eagle. [url=""][/url]
  11. 這些contest很難贏的啦。那些攝影發燒友一定會用他們最棒的相機出來拍的啦。。我們這些初學者都還noob。。我看還是算了吧