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  1. Healthy and Non-fattening fish recipe. As I'm on diet, I preferred cook by myself, so I can control what I'm eating. This is what I do when my fish have been seating in the fridge for some time until I decided to cook it. This is not the classic Fried Curry Fish. https://wprivatekitchen.blogspot.my/2016/07/not-too-curry-red-snapper.html?m=1
  2. A guilt-free version of Citrus Sweet & Sour Pork. Lesser calories and still enjoy the crispy-crispy pork like how the restaurant/Tai-Chow do it. #HealthyEats #AirFryer https://wprivatekitchen.blogspot.my/2016/07/the-guild-free-citrus-sweet-sour-pork.html
  3. Easy and simple ingredients to cook. I cooked this dish as a quick and fast dinner after busy work day. The reason? You just need to prep for 10 mins and you can multi task for the next 40 mins while you can cook other dishes, bath and watch tv. Check out the recipe here: https://wprivatekitchen.blogspot.my/2016/07/the-no-time-easy-cook-chicken.html?m=1
  4. Recommend to use argan oil for hair. For natural curly hair babes, it create beautiful wave and have anti-frizz effect.
  5. Hi Babes, I'm looking for out going, energetic female as part timers for new product launching for the company below : Company : Malaysia famous cafe chain brand Wages : RM80/ day (6~8 hours) Location : Klang Valley Please PM if interested with your Name, Age and Email Address. Thank you.
  6. QUOTE (fluene @ Feb 9 2006, 10:56 AM) I stayed in Royal Macau Hotel. It's a 3 star hotel. Rate is reasonable, clean. Free hourly shuttle service to jetty (for ferry ride to Hong Kong). Walking distance to tourist spot like the Lighthouse, the ruin church (forgot the name already, but this is the trademark of Macau). Are you sure it's a 3 star hotel? The Royal Macau Hotel is a 5 star hotel. Check Macau Hotel Association (http://www.macauhotel.org/)
  7. QUOTE (timothyngim @ Jan 22 2009, 04:01 PM) OK, all the girls vote yes and all the guys vote no!!!! Sure one..... sorry girls, been rejected too many times bcos of financial reasons. Eg, "you're not rich enough" "you don't own a car" "you want me to be your gf, you buy the latest handphone for me" well... it seems like those girls you are going after is all money-minded. I don't understand why you always come across such girls... Did I miss out something? I agree that romance need $$, that is realistic. It doesn't mean need lots of cash to buy expensive meals and gift. Years back, my bf doesn't have a car and don't buy me anything more expensive than RM100 because of his financial constraint. By now, he's affordable to own his own car and brought me a handphone for Valentine's gift and spend a vacation in Bali with me as my birthday gift. To me, this is a bonus.
  8. QUOTE (nature.luvva @ Feb 24 2009, 01:09 AM) wow! that is quite expensive but most important is that the product works for you... i just bnought the mukti facial care range and the moisturiser i got was only 78 for 30ml i think... quite affordable lor... mebbe u can try the next time... you know what.. that bottle of moisturiser is too moisture for my skin and end up I have to pass it to my mom to use Now I change to another brand, Living Nature. It really cost me a big buck, I brought 1 cleanser and a hydrating gel (they call it a toner) and cost me RM300++... Anyway, I have been using it about 2 weeks, at least my face is not so oily and my face itchiness is not that bad already. I consider it a good sign.
  9. It's always good to further your study. I don't think you need to give-up your work to study account course. U can always find a course to study after your working hours or weekend course. I'm actually doing that currently. I'm working full-time and study part-time in a college during the weekend. It's definitely going to be tiring, so you will need good time and stress management. Above all, you need to be determine.
  10. I used to have very very bad pain. There's few times that I fainted because too painful. Been to the doctor many times, but all they gave is painkiller. Or the next option is operation. Just imagine how bad it is. However, I opt for another try... chinese traditional medication... another word is chinese tabib. Not drinking 'ba zhen' or consuming 'bai feng yuan'... but really those chinese tabib who describe the medication. Then bring home to boil and drink it. Twice a month, for more than 1 year. and now... pain has reduced many many many times. (at least i can walk and work + little pain) But need to be caution. It will recur if don't take care from the food your gf consume. btw... I STOP ALL COLD/ ICE DRINK OR COLD FOOD ever since...
  11. Agreed to EveEve09 He's just looking out for free sex. You said his nice... a real good man won't make-out with a woman at the first meet-up and to make the matter worst.... it's in a car... speechless..... I have nothing else to say... don't know what to say.... By the way, I would ensure that you are not ready for a marriage. You are not ready at all.
  12. dear... event management job is mostly setting up the whole event for clients. You may need to meet up with client at 10pm and work until 1 or 2 am just to make sure that the work is done for your client the next morning... and the reason behind is to meet deadline and things keep on changing. PR job usually comes together with event management, in two different department. It's a fun job, and tiring also... good for fresh grads to learn how to coordinate and work in stress.
  13. Hei! I just brought Origins' Organics Nourishing Face Lotion, cost me a big bucks... spending RM190 over a 30ml bottle.. well... quite happy with it since my face din pop up with red dots and rashes after using it. Thinking to look for a good tinted foundation, looking something that won't cause my face pop up with red dots and rashes also.... any good recommendation?
  14. hahahaha different opinion~ different opinion~~ it's so individual lor.......
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