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  1. Honestly dunno....any suggestions....?? Am open minded about this...too old to crack my skull...que sera sera.....life goes on dear.....how do we contact each other...?? [quote name='11000rpm' timestamp='1326865320' post='604933'] what kind of arrangements are you looking at? [/quote]
  2. [size="3"]Hi all,[/size] [size="3"]Recently spent a few nites in Hatyai Thailand with my wife of 12 years [2 kids] and on the second nite we had a few drinks. Was approached by a prostitute which I duly shooed off. To my utter surprise my wife suggested we do a threesome and she was serious...!!![/size] [size="3"]Personally I am not too keen on prostitutes for health reasons [and have never seen my wife in this mood before] but went ahead. She enjoys watching and engages passively [and at times actively] all the while concentrating on the women while I pumped away. She enjoyed herself so much that she requested the same treatment the next nite. [/size] [size="3"]She [/size][size="2"]definitely[/size][size="3"] has strong lesbian tendencies which she never exposed before or maybe she feels comfortable with me involved, she is mid 40's while I am a mature 53 [we are no spring chickens...lol]. [/size] [size="3"]We live in the Kuala Lumpur area and I am seriously considering a discreet longer term relationship with a lesbian or bi individual or couple who are comfortable with this set-up...as I said I am really not into this paid-sex thingy...so don't suggest "get a prostitute"...!!![/size] [size="3"]Advice on what do I do and how do we start...??[/size] Regards [size="3"]A caring hubby...I think...!!![/size]
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