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  1. As i know the *** auto spam filter *** First got offer a good entry price at RM1498, and when they do their launching, they also give away Galaxy S3 as lucky prize... give u a glace of that plan [img]http://i1150.photobucket.com/albums/o618/billiecyrus/Slide1-5.jpg [/img]
  2. wah.. just need RM38 per day for unlimited and can get covered 58 countries..... That just nice for me.... Now no worried anymore, i can start to pack my things for my trip... Thanks all the advice from ur guys, love u all so much....
  3. Hello all, want to get some opinion form all of u abt the roaming lah… im getting info from internet and getting more confuse!!! Anyone expert in using roaming service here??? I will travel to Middle East county soon for 1 month and will visit a few places there….. im now not sure want to activate my roaming service here or get a prepaid roaming there??? Im worried that do I have to get roaming at each stop???
  4. so easy to win also here Do u have the Justin Bieber's song ... Boyfriend or Die in your arms.. set as ur ring tones?? Send the song to ur fren then u may have a chance to win a pass to meet and greet Justin personally lol..... Want to know more http://bit.ly/N9GSpw
  5. [quote name='meiyingtan22' timestamp='1325155357' post='604369'] [left][size="4"][color="#898989"]哈哈[/color][color="#898989"]..[/color][color="#898989"]我不相信能做出决议[/color][color="#898989"].....[/color][color="#898989"]如果你觉得可以做到是最好!!可以试看用[/color][color="#898989"]打[/color][color="#898989"]CAR[/color][color="#898989"],并发送到22222[/color][color="#898989"]。你的愿望可能回成真哦!如果你想汽车或钱都可以试看你的运气![/color][/size][/left] [/quote] [size="3"]你说的不就是 Call Me Tone A Thon [/size][size="3"]吗???? 想了解更多。。。[url="http://www.thecube.my/mdp/cmtatho"]http://www.thecube.my/mdp/cmtatho[/url][/size]
  6. SEEM quite cheap, anyone here buy b4??
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