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  1. Hi all, pm me. I know where you can get duromine. Duromine is like love hate with me. I used it when I was 17 for 3 weeks n of course all the symptoms headache, dizziness, insomnia but at one point I stopped it because I had a very bad urinary tract from it. 4 years ago I took it again for 4-5 months n yes I lost 10 kg. looking back I feel like a zombie back then. Think almost every evening I feel like committing suiside n nothing really excites me at all. Though I lost weight I don't feel great or I don't think there is any moment I feel I look good either. My memory become very bad too. Now that i stopped of course i gain back my weight but i think i look better now. Of course there are time when i get desperate to loose weight n im tempted to back on durimine but thinking that i might have get into depression from it. I just abandoned the idea. FYI- duromine is banned in uk. So my advise is please consider before you take it pls consider carefully. Let me know if you really want to get it good luck
  2. I bought mine for 10ringgit in Sunway Giza. But I know it's seasonal booth so they don't have it there anymore. Try those bazaar in The Curve or even night market. Those that sell all the fake eyelashes, hair accessories etc.