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  2. Hey Syaz....trust me...you'll be accepted!! Hehehe...just prepare yourself for the interview and do remember to be confident and smile! If your English is not good...take this time to brush up on it because all airlines require you to speak English fluently.
  3. Well...I'm a degree holder and my boyfriend of 9 years only has SPM. Am I bothered? Not in the slightest! I know he's very articulate, intelligent and smart.Heck!He knows A LOT MORE than I do about this country and its history and its politics and so on and so forth! Does he regret screwing up?Yes.Definitely. But due to financial constraints and having to deal with getting involved in a "bad" crowd (back in school days)... But look at where he is right now...in the oil & gas industry..although he's not "there" yet..but he's getting close. And he does plan to get a degree once he's financially stable... I have met a lot of people who do not have any education background whatsoever and yet..they're the brightest and most interesting people than those who are Phd/Master holders!
  4. I've a cousin's garden wedding this MArch..and the theme color is red and/or white. Since it's also a Malay wedding..I can't show too much skin (my grandma will have a stroke!). Any ideas on where to get the dress?
  5. Hie!! I've already sent you a message in your MYB email! I'd like to purchase the bandeau top!! thank you!!
  6. Hie...is the white bandeau bikini with the diamante clincher still available?Does it come together with the bottom?Thanks!! Oh.and how much is it yea?
  7. Heya babes..being the good friend that I am (hehehe...)..I'd like to help my friend out with promoting her online store. So! Just a teeny tiny,very,very brief introduction on what her e-shop- www.juicyxoxo.blogspot.com is all about (okay..you caught me. I'm just cutting and pasting what she asked me to include here) : We love bags and accessories as much as we love ourselves. We also have very expensive taste..but that's just as far as it goes lah! Our bank accounts can't afford a Birkin, nor can it cough up the real blings. Le sigh. So, we heard this happens to almost every babe out there. At www.juicyxoxo.blogspot.com, we have bags and accessories that MIGHT catch your eye or your boyfriend's (errrr...)...aaannnddd....most of it are priced BELOW RM 80 !!! So peeps....visit us at www.juicyxoxo.blogspot.com to get a more closer look at our fabulous bags and accessories!!! TERMS & CONDTIONS: - NON-Refundable and NON-Exchangeable - juicyXOXO’s bags and accessories are BRAND NEW - Do fill up the ORDER FORM. We only entertain orders that go through the ORDER FORM. - Customers are to bear all shipping cost of RM6 (West M’sia) / RM8 (East M’sia) via Poslaju Malaysia. Postage rates are determined by the weight of the item. - Reservations can be made for a maximum of 2 days ONLY - Confirmation of order(s) is based on payment made by the customer - Kindly notify juicyXOXO, once payment has been made to our CIMB account - If juicyXOXO does not receive any notification of confirmation/payment (via sms or email or call) from the customer within that period of 2 days, juicyXOXO has the right to disregard the order and will release the reserved item(s). - COD is available at selected PICK-UP POINTS and before 8pm - All sales are FINAL. Serious buyers only. - Once confirmation has been made, no changes are allowed. - juicyXOXO’s bags and accessories are of LIMITED stock. - Once order has been made, we will assist you via sms on how to proceed with the payment. - juicyXOXO will not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused during shipping and handling. PICK-UP POINTS FOR C.O.D : - McDonald’s IKEA/CURVE - McDonald’s BANGSAR - Burger King DESA HARTAMAS ** Dear babes... at the moment we are trotting around for new stocks to be showcased to you. So do pop in from time to time to check 'em out. Rest assured, we will definitely inform you once the stocks have arrived. For further information, kindly email us at juicyxoxocouture@gmail.com . CODE: JX 001 COLOR: DARK BRONZE PRICE: RM 37 CODE: JX 002 COLOR: WHITE PRICE: RM 37 CODE: JX 008 COLOR: GREYISH BLUE PRICE: RM 35 CODE: JX 003 COLOR: SILVER WITH WHITE BUCKLE PRICE: RM 37 CODE: JX 014 COLOR: YELLOW PRICE: RM 21 CODE: JX 023 COLOR: SILVER & BLACK PRICE: RM 29 EACH CODE: JX 011 COLOR: GOLD PRICE: RM 56 CODE: JX 012 COLOR: ORANGE/LEMON PRICE: 56 CODE: JX 004 PRICE: RM 22 CODE: JX 005 PRICE: RM 25 CODE: JX 002 COLOR: BLACK HEARTS PRICE: RM 9 CODE: JX 001 COLOR: BABY PINK PRICE: RM 9 Do take a peek at our blog at: www.juicyxoxo.blogspot.com !!
  8. hey mei mei...you got the call from MAS or you called them up? Oh and when is your medical check-up?
  9. ya....how do we contact you? I honestly hope this is not some scam!
  10. " To love and to possess are two VERY DIFFERENT things." That's all I have to say.... (Think about it carefully and once my pc is okay again..I will explain....sigh....I hat my pc)
  11. Yep same here.I got through to the finals and now waiting anxiously for their call!!
  12. Hye babes!! I received an sms from MAS today!! I am to attend the final stage this Saturday!!! wweee!!!
  13. I have no idea!! When I left, there were a few who said they will call on the 31st. Shit la..... I really,really hope I get the call.
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