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  1. Hi.. this is Palermo PM (Small) KLCC selling at RM3850.. it was 2mths back, not sure price now
  2. Forever 21 sale starts today!
  3. Hi all, thanks for your compliments I like the design too, simple & clean i did it in nailartz sunway pyramid..
  4. my acrylic extension.. light purple powder + clear powder + glitter powder
  5. Thanks i love too Where do u get your lovely dress? i'm going there next month for GSS hi Cas nice dress u got from sugadollies.. sexy
  6. Jamince, wow.. that's cheap! i got mine at RM63 for 2.. original price was RM169
  7. ya ya..i'm surprise too when they asked for only RM10 Thanks
  8. Thanks Hanoi is capital of Vietnam
  9. lLaura

    Forever 21.

    i bought a jacket (limited sizes & colors) online & found the same jacket (with lots of color but limited sizes) selling cheaper here in bargain corner .. regretted So, if you r intend to buy the same F21 dress better do some research
  10. bought from Hanoi.. around RM10 only FJ Benjamin warehouse sales, RM67.50 after HSBC 10% disc.
  11. i hv no intension to go untill i read this 2 Pairs of Guess shoes = RM150 Thanks for your information dear..
  12. Thanks yup, is knit coat. Can't stand the cold weather there so simply grab this.. There got anything & everything.. and Cheap! wish to go there again n again..
  13. Yes, they are cheap! tops from HK99 - HK199 & Bottoms from HK199 onwards more high end/good quality clothes ranging from HK300/HK400 onwards.. We can get M by Madonna at HK599/HK799 that is approx. RM250/RM350 onLY!! too bad H&M not available in M'sia
  14. Thanks is dress actually yup, that's for sure..
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