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  1. [quote name='Siti Zalifah' timestamp='1321035162' post='602105'] well actually its being accepted in our community way back since 2005 where i;ve did that with my frend and another guy. its true that 1 man cannot satisfy 2 gals ... how ever if it was done with the right timing and no rushing, there still can where 1 man to satisfy 2 gals... its my 2 cents [/quote] Yup,when the timing right,everyone enjoy d moment,,
  2. hi,,i'm planning to go to phuket or krabi for holiday wif my partner on mac 2012 during school holiday,,,any1 who been there can advise me,,which hotel n best place to visit/, and if any1 wanna join the trip also it'll be more fun...
  3. [quote name='Babe Miya' timestamp='1319878707' post='601101'] looking for other couples or girls who might be interested....... [/quote] Wanna make it?
  4. Maybe,,otherwise juz make new experience have other couple in d same room...
  5. Hmmm,,i also alwaiz fantasy bout it wif my gf,,but she come wif idea dat make love wif other couple in same room,,,,
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