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  1. I would like to share a healthy visualization exercise that will promote the well being of mind and body. It is called Love Saturation (LS). LS is very natural and soothing. It is practised to reduce stress and it gives a sense of well being and harmony. Doing LS makes one feel energetic and calm all the time. It is a good way to combat stress and fatigue. Many people who did LS say that they see positive result such as feeling calm and energetic. If you find LS beneficial to you, please tell your friends about it so that everyone can benefit from embracing loving kindness. Note : The "Love" here refers to pure, unconditional love, or simply loving kindness. If you feel difficult to feel "love", simply feel other higher emotions like Compassion, gratitude, blissfulness etc. Here's the step by step visualization for LS. If you want to do LS with your friends in a group, simply guide them with the instructions below. Love Saturation 1. Sit or lie down comfortably. you can play nice soothing background music if you want to. 2. Take three slow, deep breaths and keep yourself calm and relax. 3. Imagine there is white, warm and comforting light of pure love and compassion glowing at your chest. Feel the pure love and compassion in the white light. While doing LS, it is helpful to keep smiling because smiling promotes good feelings. 4. Now imagine the white light of pure love spreads to every part of you body (head, hands, legs etc.) and then imagine every cell in your body is filled with white light of pure love. hold this imagination for about one minute. Enjoy the blissful feeling of love in your glowing body. 5. Imagine from your body, the white light of pure love is radiated and extended to fill your surrounding. imagine your room is filled with white light of love.... and then it expands to fill the whole town/city with love. 6. Imagine the white light of pure love expands until it fills the whole planet earth. Imagine earth as a big sphere and the white light is filling the whole sphere (its interior and atmosphere). 7. Now imagine all living beings (plants, animals, humans) are filled with white light of pure love. Imagine they are feeling good and growth in the white light of love. Further imagine that the flowers of pure love bloom in their hearts and pure love is further radiated from these flowers of love. 8. Do it 15 to 30 minutes everyday. 9. You can also send love to anybody by imagining white light of pure love being sent to that person.
  2. well, before the world end, you would just say whatever it is. my world is ending so I just bash out la
  3. Granted. You are now in southpoll during summer I wish I wont be banned from MyB
  4. my German nick is Hanse and my malay nick is Rangga
  5. welcome... I hope you will have a very pleasant wedding celebration ...and a very happy marriage life
  6. If you want a good wedding photographer, I recommend KidChan. he is well known and nice
  7. the link to forum rules is kaput that is why I never be able to read the rules till today
  8. granted. You find your legs tasty. I wish water is violet in colour
  9. ... errr.... this just doesnt seem right... weird !!!!!!
  10. Granted. it is flooded i wish you become beautiful
  11. well, being content is not enough because they sell those photos worldwide on internet or CDs at places like petaling street. you need to be more than careful.
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