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  1. Register for the following FREE Skin care samples now! After registration, you will need to go to their counter to redeem your free samples.    1) Estee Lauder FREE Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-aging Creme Samples Giveaway @ http://freebiesland.com.my/2014/09/estee-lauder-malaysia-free-revitalizing-supreme-global-anti-aging-creme-samples-giveaway-promotion.html   2) Clarins FREE Age-defying Eye Beauty Skin Care Kit Giveaway @ http://freebiesland.com.my/2014/09/clarins-free-age-defying-eye-beauty-skin-care-kit-giveaway.html   3) L’OCCITANE Immortelle Divine Youth Skin Trial Kit Giveaway @ http://freebiesland.com.my/2014/09/loccitane-en-provence-immortelle-divine-youth-oil-free-youthful-skin-trial-kit-giveaway-malaysia-promotion.html   Just for sharing :)   
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  3. Jacksyn


    Try L'oreal Total Repair 5.. Even my friends found my hair became better after using it
  4. L'oreal Total Repair 5!! Thumbs up~~~
  5. I know there is a brand called "Body Natur". Tried their sample before, results is ok ok. At least not caused my skin feel itchy. Highly recommended for sensitive skin type
  6. hey girls!! get free Laneige BB Cream sample here!! http://freebiesland.com.my/2012/09/laneige-free-snow-bb-soothing-cushion-sample-4g-giveaway.html
  7. Makeup Remover: Hada Labo Water Based Makeup Remover Cleanser: from skin doctor (Acne care) Toner: from doctor (Acne care) Moisturizer: Clinique Blemsh range Mask: Clinique Blemish range
  8. SIY is a Malaysia product or? Do it has an official website?
  9. Hmm. mind to disclose the price range here?
  10. Hmm.. Any good massage shop in PJ SS2 area? And their price range, if any?
  11. My favorite brand: Clinique - Most of the shopping mall in Malaysia - www.clinique.com.my Oh ya, not to forget now they are giving away free trial samples Check out my favorite website: [url="http://freebiesland.com.my/2012/08/clinique-free-pore-refining-solution-correcting-serum-sample-giveaway.html"]http://freebiesland.com.my/2012/08/clinique-free-pore-refining-solution-correcting-serum-sample-giveaway.html[/url]
  12. Personally, eating Cheese caused a lot of break outs on my face
  13. My advise is.. get a doctor consultation. I tried so many skin care before. Finally get rid of my acne after a very famous doctor consultation in KL. By the way, Clinique Blemish range products work well on me
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