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  1. Hey guys, i feel like i wanna treat my SO. So i'm thinking of buying her lipstick and also perfume. All I know is those at Guardian or Watsons (Noob i know). I wanna buy from Sephora but i'm scared it will exceed my budget. Any thoughts or other alternatives?
  2. congratulations!! rm15k is a high amount but you can have your wife forever!!! hmm...think twice bro bcz marriage is once in a lifetime goodluck
  3. esther_chan90


    i want to try SK-II but my frens keep telling me our skin on face will become thinner but looked crystal clear.then our skin will become sensitive,cant use other product after try sk-II .sorry,i'm not going to offend u...i dont know whether wat i said is truth anot,it's just wat i know.hehe...i'm still pondering...as wat u say,it is more suitable for 30 years old and above ladies...i just 21years old only.
  4. Hi,i'm new here. I was attracted to this beautiful forum. I love the colours of this forum. I joined this forum to get more information about beauty care. Hope it is really helps. hehe anyway, i'm still a student...Nice to meet you all.
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