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  1. make sense hahahaha.... my friend use cuckoo and she needs to wait for 4 months later to get cleaning service from cuckoo staff.... the water already like cloudy in on 3 months after usage... if u have difficulties in poop2, u can try drink an alkaline water to balance an acid in ur body and reduce a toxic in our body .... try coway inception coz there's got alkali water function....
  2. hurrmmmm i think i will rate it 4.3/5 star .. if i can use lucy model 1 day, i think i will never trouble my self to fill water in the ice tray then put it on the freezer and wait until 7-8 hours for them change to ICE CUBEEEE!! hahahahahah why they give a negative feedback?? are they ever use the brand before?? LOL its not about rich or poor or else can afford to buy it! its all about convenience and save ur time.. u can pay them installments per month! so what is the problem?? and to me, its not about the BRAND but its about QUALITY!
  3. that's why am really like to use water purifier can stand one like coway model harry.. because i no need to put em near with sink and i can rearrange by the helping from their staff the put the water purifier beside the cabinet.. I lives at B.A condo so small lah kitchen but still can moves around hehehehehhehee yeahhh i'm using coway model harry too.. its super slim can fit to small space kitchen.. and I saw at their website, coway just launch the new model called lucy.. got ice cube lorrhhhh.. also slim can fit small space especially to those who are lives in condo.. https://www.coway.com.my/products/water-purifier/lucy
  4. i think if u want a great fuel, to me all of the brand have their own power and quality but if u want the great loyalty card, better use ptronas mesra card coz, ptronas mesra card will have a great deal and promotion now, they will give u 3x points every 1L..... but if u got maybank credit card, u will get 8x points huurmm between ptrn and ptronas, better use ptronas coz, ptrn only can collect points by fuel only ptronas can collect from fuel and things at their mart rm 1 will get 1 point! i always buy snacks, chocolate and drinks....
  5. Lol, current debit card can make the same payment as credit card. No need to withdraw + no annual fee required. Plus, you have to hit certain amounts only can choose to pay by credit card. Otherwise, you still need to pay it in cash. No point, you buy rm25 item by credit card right?
  6. 外面不认识肯定被人砍的。 还是跟回perodua的人换毕竟妥当吧。 而且是女生跟容易被砍啊。
  7. It's advised to place order early because Courts will take some times for the pre-order. Also why don't you hit up rm500 to get a free delivery? It's more worth since now is on promo.
  8. Not every brand also imported from China, mine one last time bought at Courts during cash promotion. Last a few years d, now still good. One year sofa, really cannot put in the consideration. Wasting money, furniture sure look for the long lasting. Btw, if you dnt want to pay by installment. You can visit to their online shop, can pay for the discounted price with bank in or visa. One time payment...
  9. OK, many branded furniture. Saw that currently they are having promotion at the online store. Maybe you can have a look for the promotion first to compare the price first before going to place the order at other palces? No harm.
  10. E-shopping sounds good for me, but not sure whether my area is available for the service. Meanwhile I just found out they are having another promo, while I searching for the online delivery coverage. Jacob only for rm10. @.@ Promotion
  11. Never tried it before, but you may replace the coconut milk with vanilla. Could end up be like what you have stated it taste more spiced,but can I know where did you get the coconut milk? It's seem that it's bit rare to get coconut milk. lol I can't find it at the mini market that near my house. yes, you definitely need to add more the adaption. It's best to bake with less quantity for beginners. Than slowly expand the quantity. Btw, nowadays the ingredients are not cheap like previous. Lol I normally shop at the mini market that near my house, because of transport problem. Btw, you can easily gather all the ingredient at super markets.
  12. Hi everyone, just want to share my first time baking result. (To be more precise, this is the 3rd result I got. The first 2 was screw up badly) A pure homemade cookie. Sorry for the shape looks a bit weird, but it really taste good. I would said, it was really fun in baking cookies. Although I have messed up the kitchen and failed twice but, I received quite some numbers of positive feedback which is the source to encourage me for my second attempt soon enough. Here is my adaption for the cookies. (only apply to 15 cookies, if you need to bake more you have to prepare more ingredients) - sugar 30g *do not put more than 40g otherwise it will become very sweet - brown sugar 230g - vanilla 2 & 1/2 tea spoon - Mixed the melted butter while it was warm instead of letting it cool completely - leave it bake for 20 mins at 190c or you can leave it for 15 mins if you want a bit crispy. For me I prefer softer, hence I leave it for 20mins. For those baker fans, please feel free to thrown in some opinion for the adaption. If I have anything wrong with it. I will try my best to make better at my second attempt. Thanks and sorry for over excited.
  13. Is she pregnant? Discharge is normal for pregnant woman due to the hormone change as long as it is not brown or yellow in color then fine, take it easy.
  14. Try to figure out what reasons why you need a phone for your children? Your children take buses to school. So by having handphone is more easy for you to find out his location? or your children just need a phone for the sick of it. Nowadays most of the children already own a handset... Try to get a least the phone with good coverage
  15. oh yay i love free ticket!!! GD will make his history on this One of A Kind in Malaysia concert lah!!! wohooo
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