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  1. yeahhh i think i have read about it before... like detox water is the worst drink ever to consumed every day to loss weight... and yeahh i want to loss weight with a natural way not to hurt my organ nor body.... hahahahahaha ohhhh!!!! thank u!!!!! u save my life!! ahahahahaha.. when i click on the link i was like impress to the machine hahahhaa.. and i really understand the instructions and specs.. if people keep on saying this model is good to me, then i dont mind about the price!
  2. yeah that's right i dont want to take a risk if unknown brand .. i want that machine have the service and maintenance .. coway got alkaline function hah? how the water taste like?
  3. Hey guys, I just heard and saw one of the article about the benefits of drinking alkaline water.. http://alkalinewatermachinereviews.com/alkaline-water-benefits/ may I know where I can find alkaline water?? hehehehe because I'm the person who are difficult to "poopp2" heheheheehe
  4. helo..im alex...forum name is never11never...hop u guys never give up wat u do....be strong..hehe..im from damansara...lets make frens here:)be happy
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