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    Causes of acne

    hormonal disorder
  2. I put on make up everyday I can't without it lol
  3. I have a great desire to be slim and beautiful I don't want my bf to look at any other girls, I wanna be better.... I'm on Reductil for 3 months now and lost some pounds so far... I hope to lose all unwanted pounds in a short period...
  4. Im taking [url="http://generic-meds-store.com"][url="http://generic-meds-store.com"]Reductil[/url][/url] for 3 months now... And think its fabulous... I buy it on the same site, it's safe and I like their Customer service ... The first 2 weeks, were a bit hard, I found it really hard to sleep. But those symptoms were gone in 2 weeks. Now I don't feel any side effects, my appetite decreased a lot and I feel very energetic
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