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  1. For me, the best way to cut calorie is avoid rice, yellow noodle and white bread, replace lunch with meal replacement and light dinner, can lost 2-3kg a month. But, I love food...one month meal replacement is difficult for me. Come across this 10 days weight loss program http://www.nutra-estore.my/weightloss-program-nc10day/product-1290821.html, my target is to lost 2kg in 10 days...
  2. Dear Babes,   Wish to share with all Babes that I came across FB ads and discovered this product. They are giving away free sample now, go & grab it https://www.facebook.com/nutrachoiceMY
  3. Interested on this collagen jelly, can i buy from any pharmacy or retail store?
  4. this product for external application or oral intake? too little information here...any website for reference?
  5. [quote name='Teff' timestamp='1242602997' post='557849'] Are you asking for advice/suggestions or is this another form of advertising? [/quote] I think this post is an advertising post and not getting advice... Most of the acai weight loss products in the market is a scam...be careful. For those who wanna try, go to GNC or pharmacy look for it. Recently, I've tried a beauty product with Freeze dried acai selling in Vitacare, called Beulisse. It works for me for skin health but not for weight loss.
  6. heard of F cup cookies works fantastic but not sure how true is it, you may check it out!
  7. cwoonlin


    yes, i know collagen good for skin firming and anti aging but most products in market contains not only collagen but sugar, additives, etc yet "claim" to have high dose collagen. So, I'm looking for pure marine collagen with cheap price but can't find in the retail market, anyone got any "jalan" mind to share?
  8. [quote name='Beulisse' timestamp='1304414898' post='595546'] Hi, i think most of you heard of Acai berry for weight loss. But, does it really helps? My company's product called Beulisse contains Acai berry and helps in anti-aging but not so much on weight loss. But, we received a lot of inquiries from customer asking whether Beulisse helps in weight loss, how much to loss, etc. Anyone of you use Acai berry for weight loss, can share? [/quote] I think most ppl only heard of Acai but never try because only available online or MLM. I'm consumer for Beulisse, i get to know Beulisse because of Acai weight loss advertisement which is very hot few months ago. Are you from Beulisse company? Can i get discount if directly purchase from you? Hahah....PM me ya..
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