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  1. When i was searching for the best credit card recently. I found that there was a different offer from Maybank. There was 2 cards will be giving when you apply for a credit card. One is Amerixcan express and another one is normal visa card. There was 5% cash rebate when you using the credit on weekend. One card will be given the limit on RM 6000 and 2 card will be generate to RM12,000. Do you think this offer can be accepted? 当我最近在寻找最好的信用卡时.我发现到maybank有不一样的优惠. 一个申请会拿到两张卡. 一个是不是AMERICAN EXPRESS 另外一个是普通的信用卡. 在周末用卡你回拿到5%的现金回扣. 一张卡的限制是六千.两张就是十二千了.你们觉得可以拿吗?
  2. Everyone was asking about the latest spring collection 2011 fashion style . But i'm going to share with your about the colors for the latest spring collection trend. Everyone have their different style of fashion. Unless they come out with their personality style then is nice. Do u all agree? Not everyone was suitable for the style that design by the designer. But we have to choose the correct colors so that is suit to us. For the latest spring fahion color 2011. Uplifting, soften, energise and excited colors come bring out the celebration feeling . And how do we find this colors? Majority was the color from flower. The range of the colors can bring a fresh look to others. 每个人都在讨论着最新的2011春季时尚潮流. 可是我想跟你们分享最新的时尚潮流颜色. 每个人都有不同的风格.只要是适合自己的风格就好看了.你们同意吗? 不时每个人都适合设计师的设计. 可是我们要选择适合我们的颜色. 2011 春季潮流使人开心的,柔软,有活力和使人开心的颜色. 那我们要怎么选呢? 很多颜色都是从花色来选的.
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