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  1. After a long time and postponing......I went to Frank. Wow sure it was good...this is the first time after mco. Also please do take care and be safe.
  2. I also cannot get appointment from Frank keeps telling safety is important. Anyway I agree with him. ...he said from June can...so just waiting for June
  3. I still go to Frank but not regularly. ....just on and off when I get time.
  4. After such a long time i am logging in.....Susan..i managed get an appt with Frank...thought he wont reply my mail and i have to wait till next year...but he accommodated me and gave a good session.....sadly i dont go like last time...but now made my mind to go every 2 months next year..my stress level is going up..need relaxation and to release tension
  5. I have been postponing my sessions with Frank since Jan this year. Difficult to believe that i cant spare some time. Always something with work, personal and now the rain in the evening. I miss his massages. Hopefully, the rain wont spoil it again. 
  6. Hi Folks,   Frank seems to be busy this month....handling his regulars. I was trying to get him last week but not successful. Now with year coming to end.... will be hard to get him .trying to get him this week as next week is already new year.       Merry Xmas and Happy New year folks .
  7. after 7 months layoff i got an appt with Frank........1st this year. i notice that he has begun to include some stretching after massage. it went on well with his professional approach. It was also not painful as he applied just the right pressure.  
  8. all seem to talk about how many times having massages. i also go to Frank and i kinda like his massage but dont have time. last year i went 3 or 4 times to him. This year i have not gone yet as i always cancel my appointment when someting comes up. But he is nice and understanding.
  9. Hi I went to Frank again after about 3 months. I really enjoyed his massage. He is a real professional as he refused to massage a small area of my leg when he saw some varicose veins. He said massage may make it worse, so he massaged the rest of the body. It is this kind of advise i like. If anyone is interested can try him . His no is 016-2415318. It is best to make early booking as he seems busy.
  10. Hi i am a bit amused at the increasing breast size solutions. I have a similar problem and asked my masseur Frank whether massage and all the talk here can help. He gave a short biology class to me advising that breast is mostly fat tissue and medically nothing will make it bigger except using fillers such as silicone (you have go under the knife-plastic surgeon). However, the breast can be made to look better and firmer with stronger pectoral muscle which will lift the breast a bit to give a fuller look.. Gym for pectoral muscles or swimming will do the trick. He also said when we gain weight there is a possibility of bigger bigger breast due to fat deposits. But then again, we wont know where the body will deposit the extra fat. Breast feeding mothers have milk production to breastfeed.so it may swell a bit.. So I asked Frank what I am massaging the breast for LOL? He advised it is only for therapeutic value such as lymphatic drainage... In short he advised me that reducing and increasing size can only be done by a plastic surgeon.such as breast augmentation. He gave me a very good advise ...always check/discuss with your doctor for professional opinion and sound medical advise. [quote name='carolh' timestamp='1332472363' post='606802'] Is it true? I want to increase my boobs size... [/quote]
  11. Hi LIna, Thanks for the information. I already had an appointment with Frank 2 days back. I felt really good after the long lay off. From now on I will be going to Frank, perhaps once every 2 months. Thanks again Lina. [quote name='linabakar' timestamp='1331917007' post='606602'] Hi i have been having regular session.. There are no changes. His no is still the same....016-2415318. He appears a bit more busy nowadays especially over the weekends. My last appointment was in Dec. Actually, i was not able to have any since then as something will crop up or the rain interferes much. I am planning one next week which will be closer to month end. [/quote]
  12. Hi guys, please let me know if Frank still does massage and where. I have not visited him for more than a year. Actually, i never had had any massage this 1 year due to some personal matters. Sort of thinking to have an appointment with him soon. Just want to know whether there are any changes. I had only 1 session with him so far and that was a long time ago.
  13. [size="5"][b]To all forum readers Gong Xi Fa Cai [/b][/size]
  14. Thanks Evone for introducing me to Frank. What can I say.......is good ....have another appointment next month.
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