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  1. do u mind to post up ur photo , b4 n after the programme?
  2. js came bac from d long queue... 78 sen really a burden to ppl that is in border line .. this ll contribute to greater criminal case as well
  3. thx berlyn. more than happy to get some responses here. u r very sweet n helpful indeed =) i hav actually decided very long ago to cut any contact with him. jus wish to get some encouragement and support! u r right, i should put myself in my bf's shoes, i know what is the best for him , me n my ex. that is to completely have a clear relationship n no more hanky-panky thingy!
  4. thx, thx for d opinion given. as i said, i decided to avoid his call hope that i m strong enough for that.
  5. stable relationship as in both our families agreed n being supportive of us being together stable as in he love me very much stable as in i love him too... is not impossible to stil hav feel for someone else, esp one that hav been very closed to ur heart b4 ... is not that inlove type.. it might something like a love to a frien , a very nice friend that hav treat u well last time.. i ll jus some time wonderin how is he doing ? but not til the extent of "missing" him is jus i hav no idea y i get excited when he calls, the feelin wil flow away after talking to him =) is jus that the moment i pick up the call...
  6. if i hav to choose , i ll go for the 2nd one
  7. WAO! u 2 meet? haha.. i dun think we ll meet... if yes also ll be a coincident on the street hehe yea..u r right, we cant help if we get excited for his call. i decided to avoid his cal, not totally avoid la, but contact less lo thx for all respond =)
  8. i m interested too! but i can only work for 3 months. what is the working hour like?
  9. erm..if both of u earnin 2 to 3k monthly, i think that is enough to support u both after married . i got a frien married n with a child , sum of the couple in come is bout 4k... n they can maintain it till now.. is jus that, u both hav to work harder in it =)
  10. i jus read on the "second opinion topic " .. I LOVE U BUT I CANT B WIT U... yea..that mayb the reason y i m not wit him.. too hard to explain.. BABYKITTIEZ , so would u has the betraying feelin? what would u do? cont to get excited bout him? is funny as that we get excited n happy eventhou we not he doesnt mean anything !
  11. my happy ending? i listened to this when i broke off wit my ex
  12. my love for u is like the lotus on the surface of the lake, without u ( the lake) ,i (the lotus) do not know how to survive anymore
  13. anyone here alre commit into a stable relationship with current bf but tend to stil have feeling for the ex? what i mean here is not really u dun love ur bf but is jus that u stil care for ur ex. his word, action and everythin. i been apart with my ex bout 4 yrs plus.. been with my current bf bout 1 yrs plus.. something happen btw my ex n i n i know that we could never patch back no matter what , the trust is not there anymore n is just wouldn feel the same. he is my 1st love and there is alot of sweet memories btw us. hav been 3 yrs single life and i decided to burried my past. til last yrs, i m commited with my current bf . he loves me very much and i love him too.. is jus that ( my ex n i stil keeping in touch )..n i noticed that every time he call i wil be very excited, i ll rmb every word from him . all this torture me as i feel like i hav betray my current bf each time we on the phone. i know i should avoid his call but .. i jus dunno why i cant.. what can i do to totally let go the past ... i wont want to hurt my current bf. do i stil in love with him? i could not answer myself.. anyone has the same experience? i need to know what should i do to free myself from him?
  14. erm..not every thing have its explaination... dun think u ll get the real reason behind it! jus move on babes
  15. mother's day is around d corner.. any idea what to get for ur mom? lets share =)
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