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  1. Yup for the website and sure they have apps too. go check at apps store/ play storeā€¦ i downloaded mine months ago.. super convenient.
  2. Nope.. Just register and you are good to sell your stuff... They have quite a few tips and tricks like bump, listing and spotlight.. be sure to look into that
  3. There's a button for that on the mobile apps or web browser... Simply click "Make offer" and you are connected to the seller
  4. saw many of my friend sold their shoes and bags too... not just clothes... I once bought a scratching post for my cat too! cheap and fast..
  5. You can get it a try, maybe the product would solve your issue At least it works on my sis. But as I said, if anything please bring it out to doc Hope this help you. Good luck
  6. My sis encounter this kind of issue before, my mom brought her to see doc We was told by doc that my sis has vaginal discharge issue due to the fungal infection Way of treatment is easy, doc gave my sis a anti-fungal cream named Canesten apply into vagina My sis has fully recovered after used for few months. This is based from my sis experience You should seek for doc first before you had any medication
  7. for sure EK la..coz last time took SIA from SIN to BNE for a surfing trip..flight was delayed for 8 hrs and all i get is meal and use of the lounge...missed out the entire surfing trip that cost me RM 3K upset i like EK coz they have lots of flights in from KL to DXB already have 3 flights a day so if you missed it also won't be so bad la and to UK a day have 10 I know all this details? coz me ex EK crew  :)
  8. [quote name='teatoot' timestamp='1336037986' post='607959'] [font="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"][size="2"][size="4"]As i noe la, not just only 20% discount on the ticket! there is also free ticket worth RM298 for us to win la!!! LOL and you guys know or not, the best part is not just for kl concert but they also sponsor all the expenses for us to go to hong kong jus to watch Amei's concert on 25/05.[/size] [size="4"] if you guys wanna noe more can check out this website. hope it helps ) [/size][u][size="5"][url=""][/url][/size][/u] [size="4"]Btw, today is the last day for the ticket selling of her concert at KL ady. Those who not yet buy can grab this chances la.. Good luck ya...[/size] [/size][/font] [/quote] no la babe..u still can get the ticket and discount till tomolo la..provided if it is not sold out la keke...better not wait till last min lol...c u there!!!