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    DEVIL, can u get out of my life?
  1. i JUST single anyway long time no enter MYB, alot of new faces Nice to meet all of u
  2. Yup few weeks before i already know they will postpone the date and "somebody" told me they may be change the venue to KLCC and this is their second time to postpone the exhibition date . I wonder how many times they need to changed the date without inform publics. Are they really concern about the outstation customers who purposely come to the fair but end up buy nothing?? Anyway i already buzz wif "somebody" about their irresponssible, if still continuous with the third & fouth times changed of date, the massive complain they will receive.
  3. Ah Dearrrrrrrr wildberry.......... Happy Birthday!!!! Remember drop me a call when u come to kl............ Miracle
  4. oh.. watch few series of korean drama, here sharing some opinion. Personally i like "gong" drama, it's a love story happening in palace. In btw it's also describe the royal family lifestyle and so on. And looking forward the part II series. hahaha secondly, yesterday i just finished "my lovely sam soon" but too rash for the ending story. Now start watching "my sassy girl". Anyway for the person who like to bought the sound track, i recommended you to buy"2006 GREATEST HITS KOREA DRAMA" . This package including 3CD RM16.90 only. of course is original CD. nice leh
  5. too bad, i was too late to get this information
  6. miracle

    Makeup Remover

    not bad for using the sheseido cleansing oil
  7. Harlo everybody, Just inform to the book lover Penguin UK Top 20 Fiction, Humanities, and Business titles released recently by the publisher. In support to the Government efforts to promote reading, and July is THE Reading Month, they would like to offer all valued customers a special one time discount of 20% for any title in these lists! Title Author Imprint Subject RM Five People You Meet in Heaven @Albom, Mitch @Little, Brown UK @Gen Fict @29.50 The Kite Runner @Hosseini, Khaled @Riverhead @Gen Fict @35.95 Historian @Kostova, Elizabeth @Time Warner UK @Gen Fict @32.95 Never Let me Go @Ishiguro, Kazuo @Faber @Gen Fict @32.95 Scarpetta #14: Predator @Cornwell, Patricia @Time Warner UK @Crime @32.95 Snow Flower and the Secret Fan @See, Lisa @Bloomsbury @Gen Fict @32.95 A Long Way Down @Hornby, Nick @Penguin UK @Gen Fict @32.95 4th of July @Patterson, James @Headline @Crime @32.95 The Kite Runner @Hosseini, Khaled @Bloomsbury @Gen Fict @35.95 The Mermaid Chair @Kidd, Sue Monk @Review @Gen Fict @34.00 Life Swap @Green, Jane @Penguin UK @Gen Fict @32.95 The Secret Supper @Sierra, Javier @S&S UK @Gen Fict @58.95 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix @Rowling, J K @Bloomsbury @Fantasy @39.90 My Life As Emperor @Su, Tong @Faber @Gen Fict @32.95 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire @Rowling, J K @Bloomsbury @Fantasy @35.90 5th Horseman @Patterson, James @Headline @Crime @49.90 Further Under The Duvet @Keyes, Marian @Penguin UK @Gen Fict @32.95 On Beauty @Smith, Zadie @ Penguin UK @Gen Fict @32.95 Shantaram @Roberts, Gregory D @Abacus @Gen Fict @44.50 Anansi Boys @Gaiman, Neil @Review @Fantasy @35.50 price shown are before 20% discount tmr i will upload another two listing.of books.
  8. hi dear wildberry *notty face* i seldom pop out and post msg already due to bz schedule on my works. Anyway alot of ppl forget who am i lor....hohohoh.. Regarding the skin food cheek color once i used it i will show to u but i do taste the color on my hand, the color very sweet and natural. * i have been went to the eL warehouse for the past two years and this year i didn't go for the EL warehouse sales, i have two invitation cards but nobody accompany me and next year i decide go with jac
  9. 1. MNG Coat- original price @ RM 200 after discount @ RM 99 2. Sheseido make up remover @ RM 77 3. Skin Food healthcare product - Honey foundation @ RM 49.90 Cheek powder @ RM 38.90
  10. Just watched a ghost movie "re-cyle" few days ago, not scary at all but very meaningful.
  11. simple and casual >> "Jean and t-shirt" becoz i took public transport to University. Most important is convinient for me when taking bus. hohohoh
  12. miracle


    Leo 1. shadowprincess 2. manchyun 3. yung 4. ange 5. Darrenz 6. always 7. astrosurge 8. EPILEATHURAL 9. ipod71 10. berlyn 11.SweetCat 12. kawaiiakira Cancer 1. heartbroken 2. cossie 3. peachgal 4. big brother 5. joan kevin Sagittarius 1. theng 2. mayen 3. Angelvivian 4. ZAM 5. ahchak Libra 1. elle 2. sapphire 3. luv2bme13 4. love tragedy 5. Just-in 6. silvililac 7.jamie_83 8. k3n Scorpio 1. natalie ng 2. annie 3. lengleng 4. huichi. 5. miya . 6. MikeJ 7. unknown Capricorn 1. esther 2. nicholegal 3. candy302 4. princessconnie 5. huili 6. violetbabe 7. kittycat 8. michellechen 9.Nat_Nat0Lie (U'r not alone ) Aquarious 1. cutiebaby 2. blackate 3. Nivac . 4. HOT WAVE 5.barracuda82 Gemini 1. xcelextex 2. lswendy7 3. *kassie* 4. missyian 5. miZagnes 6.hiphostar 7.lemon Virgo 1. babylicious 2. nickenstein 3. Otaichi 4. wyanchai 5. Shushi wasabi 6. lilingz 7. snowie >>> virgo babe 8. sunny Aries 1. miyuke 2. MysTerious^Gal 3. fred 4.luvlade Taurus 1. miracle 2. dazzy 3. Wildberry 4. summersugar 5. Katrina 6. PIXIE 7. Ctrlme 8. davidlow7 9.Quistreous Pisces 1. Kyliemc 2. 3feetsnow 3. missy Z 4. cheekyboy 5.Shimmergal 6. ACEVENTURER 7. REVEUR 8. LAETITA 9.stevieho 10. PenangKia
  13. no wor, actually i no time to know more bout tis products during the fair. but wat i know the machine they sell quite expensive. so isn't it good to use this eye pack?willing to know more for ur assistance
  14. At least degree n i may decide to further my Master course.
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