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  1. Hi Lyn... its true... life and work is hectic...I also do walks, excercise, massage etc but let me say. it is not easy...Even massage with Frank i have posponed so many times ....the rainy season does not help. it seems to rain during peak hour. Any way, i made an appoinment with Frank this weekend day time  hoping to beat the rain. Take care
  2. Best massage appt with on City day with Frank...........always nice after some months layoff..........
  3. hi anyone knows how to contact Frank. i tried to contact a few times last week but no answer.
  4. Hi Su, how is your massage appts coming along. I went towards last year end after some lay off.  As usual I went to Frank and got started again with regular appts. I  think he has put in some varaitions. It is nice after the appts. Even with the haze around, i went 2 days back. I really feel good. Any way take care Su...Bye
  5.   Hello Susan, me too started going to him. Actually he is my regular but i had a couple of months break and LOL. Actually am trying to have one more before the year ends. Have a great new year.
  6. After almost 5 months.....i just had an appt with Frank....After such a gap,,,,,I feel so good..
  7. Yeah finally had a session with Frank. It was good. My friends are now pestering me to join them for laser facial skin wrinkle removal. I decided to ask Frank if he knows about lasers just to get some info. He advised that laser is quite common in cosmetic treatment but warned me to take precautions as so many outlets seems to offer such services. First he said laser is not for everyone as dormant viruses may be activated. Then he said darker skin will absorb greater amount of energy so the strength must be reduced which experienced doctors and surgeons are aware of. Although newer laser machines are better, the operators must be qualified medically and also experienced in the use of laser equipment. Also he said the darker skin may show different uneven shades of skin colour between treated and untreated area. Also you cannot use one machine for all purposes..as different machines operate at different wavelengths so some will penetrate deeper into the dermis. Laser carries a high energy beam in continuous or pulses,,can burn , cause scar, damage connective tissues etc if inexperience people operate it. Best to stay away from ordinary beauty shops and look for medically qualified people with long experience in operating lasers. He also advised that not all doctors are experienced at operating laser equipment. Generally, the equipment supplier will train the doctors on the use of equipment. Still a more experienced doctor is better. It looks like i have to be careful and check around to make sure . Maybe should look to Medical Council. Pl note our government is now regulating beauty centres. They cannot do any jabs etc.
  8. Hi i have been having regular session.. There are no changes. His no is still the same....016-2415318. He appears a bit more busy nowadays especially over the weekends. My last appointment was in Dec. Actually, i was not able to have any since then as something will crop up or the rain interferes much. I am planning one next week which will be closer to month end. [quote name='carolmei1982' timestamp='1331886870' post='606587'] Hi guys, please let me know if Frank still does massage and where. I have not visited him for more than a year. Actually, i never had had any massage this 1 year due to some personal matters. Sort of thinking to have an appointment with him soon. Just want to know whether there are any changes. I had only 1 session with him so far and that was a long time ago. [/quote]
  9. iknow of an Indonesian lady doing it but i have not seen her lately. If you need other info just pm me , will answer if i get into this site..LOl
  10. [quote name='storminsheila75' date='16 December 2010 - 04:00 PM' timestamp='1292486414' post='590829'] Hi Folks, It has been ages since i went to Frank. Was out of country for couple of months. Nevertheless, I met up with him for an appointment few days back. In fact, I pestered him for an appointment due to my schedule. I think he re-scheduled other appointments to accommodate me. Sorry folks, if it was your appointment. Honestly, I was craving for his full body massage (complete therapy). I really felt wonderful - felt it so good after a long miss. [/quote] Hi Storminsheila75, .Ha....Ha.so you were the person that caused my close friend's appointment to be rescheduled few days back. Take heart Sheila, you were not the only person who wanted Frank at that particular time......My German friend wants to have a longer session with him this coming week and hopes appointment will go through. So when are you seeing him next?. Linabakar
  11. Hi Cindybabe.........Gee thanks for giving Franks's new telephone no. I had a 2 hour session with him yesterday. Gosh ,I felt so good and energised now. I wished i had a longer session but time constraint prevented me. That's all I can say folks..... Thanks again Cindybabe.
  12. Gee thanks Cindybabe for giving Frank's new number. I had a 2 hour session yesterday. Gosh i really feel good and energized. I wish i had dragged it further...Well that's all i can say folks. Thanks again Cindybabe.
  13. Hi it has been some time since i wrote in here. I am trying to get hold of Mr Franks no. It says number not in service. I wanted to have a session with him last week, but could not get hold of him. My email has not been answered. Anyone here has Frank's new no. I am used to Frank and am very comfortable with him.
  14. [quote name='amber lee' date='14 October 2010 - 11:15 AM' timestamp='1287026139' post='589234']<br>actually what is the difference thai massage from indon massage? <img src="http://www.malaysianbabes.net/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/rolleyes.gif" class="bbc_emoticon" alt=""><br>[/quote]<br><br>Indon massage is more like deep tissue massage where the pressure applied is strong and it is a bit painful for the uninitiated. The whole body will ache for a few days.<br><br>Thai massage is also deep tissue but not as painful as the Indon plus the limbs and body is stretched like a good exercise. I go for Swedish massage which is not really painful. I have a regular masseur. If you like to go to him just email me or message me for his email address. He is professional and also discreet.<br><br>&nbsp;&nbsp; <br> <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="if(typeof(jsCall)=='function'){jsCall();}else{setTimeout('jsCall()',500);}" id="jsProxy" type="hidden"><div id="refHTML"></div>
  15. [quote name='fairytale' date='01 October 2010 - 05:46 PM' timestamp='1285926374' post='588955'] I heard ppl said full body massage will my our skin become nicer.. but i seldom go for this as i hardly get one i like.. [/quote] Having healthy skin is important and we have to maintain it. I apply various creams but it costs a lot. The main ingredients are water for hydration and flushing of toxins; adequate vitamins and minerals (great anti oxidant agents) ; exercise and good sleep. Cold water is beneficial for skin. Massage is also helpful as it manipulates muscles for better blood circulation and is a good stress reliever. In fact, I have cut down some beauty and skin-care items and am trying a more holistic approach. I eat lots of fruits, vegetables, oily fish for omega oils, drink lots of water, jog, regular massages, good sleep. I also have cut down on sugar and protect my skin from sunlight as much as I can. I must thank Frank also as he suggested that there are more natural items available as beneficial food for healthy skin. He even advised that stress, sunlight, lack of nutritious food, lack of exercise and sleep are primary causes for skin deterioration. You can try my masseur.
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