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  1. Hi I would like to give a try on this product but I think the price is quite expensive?Im quite confused wit the price also cos i heard some said RM200+ and some even said RM300+ for a set?May I know wats da difference?Pls advice.... BTW how many sets should we consume only we can see a great result?
  2. Part-timers wanted for HUSH PUPPIES WAREHOUSE SALE @ Armada Hotel,PJ 30 July - 2 Aug (10am-8pm) and 30 July (setup day). Meals and drinks provided. RM70 per day x 4 days = RM280. Interested please mail in ur name,tel no,ic no to mandy.lwi@transmarco.org. Thanks!
  3. yeap...we will be having sales from 15 may onwards! we have stores in One Borneo and Palm Square , kk
  4. * Credit Card payment is accepted with minimum payment of RM80
  5. Yo!I;m voting for Ming!!! Alll da best Ming........
  6. My cousin tried Herbalife....At first he really slim down a lot even his big fat tummy also gone but lately he had stop taking it and when I saw him,he gained back his weight again!
  7. Hey....any distributor in Melaka?I plan to buy 1 box n try too....
  8. I have around 40+ pair of shoe.....mostly from Vincci and HUSH PUPPIES!
  9. mandylwi

    wedding shoes

    Hey maybe you can have a look at this HUSH PUPPIES heels especially the white ones!Its made from real swaroski crystal and the price is resonable too.....
  10. Will u fall in love with a guy which is older than you >10years?
  11. mandylwi

    Moon Cake

    I'm a durian lover but FYI Tai Thong Durian Snow Skin Mooncake taste not really nice....
  12. David's Entertainment Company from Melaka....He is one of the most popular modelling agency in Melaka
  13. Yea..da stocks all in in good condition....There;s a few thousand stocks for u to choose!!! Dear all MYB members,remember to come ya'
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