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  1. [quote name='subwolf' date='18 September 2010 - 01:54 AM' timestamp='1284746095' post='588694'] Are you truly ok with having his friends see you naked and involved in a sex act??? I mean wouldn't you feel very awkward if you met them later on knowing that they have seen you naked? Thats very naughty but very risky too![/quote] i didn't mind because he share not by sending. he let them watch on his phone. when i meet them i feel a little awkward but after so long i'm ok already. i know what all of you are saying about being leaked but we've taken a lot of videos already. i think maybe from now i'll just try to let him take less.
  2. Oh my! Am I like the only girl here that allow such videos and photos to be taken? You girls have never tried before or have never done it? Now I think I'm such low class as it seem only I do it... But my BF have agreed that he doesn't send it out and I kind of trusted him. Now you all say I feel quite scared.
  3. I'm very much in love with my BF for 2 years. We've been going out and recently 6 months back we had sex! Its been awhile now we're doing it every weekend and a month back he started to take videos and photos of our intimate moments in bed. Are there any others out there that also let your BF/GF take videos and photos or you naked and doing sex acts? I really love him and I don't mind if he takes and keep to watch it himself or show his friends (without sending). I'm just scared that it will leak out? Have anyone done this and the videos and photos got leak out?
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