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  1. Hi Lina, From last year I have cut down my massage sessions. Now I go once every 2 or 3months. Just dont seem to have much time for myself nowadays. I still go to Frank. 
  2. Finally after a few months layoff, Frank massaged me yesterday.....Sure it was good. I actually asked him about his business. He said he has more clients now.
  3. I have tried 2 persons recommended here but i still prefer Frank. Anyway I have not gone for massage for past few months.
  4. Hi Carolmei, I read your comments on breast enlargement and i fully agree with you. Its good to make an informed decision. What you said about Frank is true. I think his knowledge is medically inclined. I like him because he present facts as they are without distorting them. He gives an honest opinion and is very professional. I have been having massages from him since 2010 and have no regrets. Even when i had persistent pain in one of my legs thigh area. He told me it could be sciatic nerve compression (not 100% certain) and suggested stretching and heat treatment for pain relieve. He advised that only a doctor should confirm the cause of the pain. The best advise he gave me was to check with my doctor as early as possible, which i did.
  5. [size="4"]Any body here goes to Frank for massage?. He seems to have a good reputation no doubt. Pl pm me..... need to know somethings. I go to him regularly but I did not go the last 2 months due to family matters and CNY. [/size]
  6. There are lot of comments, talks and even offering of massage services. I like to warn fellow ladies that there are some guys offering free services or where you do not have to pay if you are not satisfied. Some of them are perverts. So be careful ladies. Make sure you go to therapists who are thought of highly or strongly recommended. I am advising here as it had happened to me last year. Fortunately, I took off without any harm being done. Please practice safety first. My present masseur Frank was recommended to me and pretty well thought of. That's why I am sticking to him. Anyway, it is advisable to stick to therapists you are comfortable with.
  7. [quote name='charlie' date='21 October 2010 - 01:11 PM' timestamp='1287637908' post='589403'] I like massage..as long as it is strong, i like it..cos always backache... [/quote] If you want you can try out Frank, my regular masseur.....The only problem is - he does out-call only so you must have a place. His email is frank196656@yahoo.com. [i]I am very comfortable with him. [/i]
  9. [quote name='linabakar' date='17 December 2010 - 02:27 AM' timestamp='1292524052' post='590844'] Hi Storminsheila75, .Ha....Ha.so you were the person that caused my close friend's appointment to be rescheduled few days back. Take heart Sheila, you were not the only person who wanted Frank at that particular time......My German friend wants to have a longer session with him this coming week and hopes appointment will go through. So when are you seeing him next?. Linabakar [/quote] Hi looks like Frank may take few days off for Xmas from24th to 27th. so I am rushing to get one session before he goes on leave.
  10. [quote name='michellebabe1981' date='06 December 2010 - 04:24 PM' timestamp='1291623864' post='590602'] Hi Lina, I had a therapy with Frank over the weekend too. Wow Lina, i did not know whether we had the same therapy or somewhat similar therapy. But I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to have it again just before Christmas. I have 2 masseurs who I interchange depending on my moods. But now have decided to stick with Frank. Although rooms are expensive , it is really nice and spacious; I feel very safe. As I was the last person, he actually let me stay overnight in the room. Of course alone lah -no breakfast ha ha. I am thinking of having another session before Christmas,,,,,,due to holiday season and new year coming soon. I have friend wanting the massage but i am afraid to give the contact as she will know I am going to him. She wants a recommendation and I am wondering how to do it. [/quote] Hi just quietly pass Frank's contact no and say he was highly recommended by a friend. This way she will not know that you also visit him. I have introduced 2 of my Chinese colleagues this way. They do not know that i also visit him. You don't have to worry, Frank maintains confidentiality.
  11. Hi,<br>Please do not downgrade yourself. Being intimate is your choice. Nevertheless, the readers have given good reasons not to take pics. Even if there is no intention to circulate, events can happen; such as losing your your thumb drive, phone or even sending your pc, phone for repairs. It is in your best interest the readers have advised you. Once leaked, it will spread like a wild fire. So best just delete everything it is safer that way.<br> <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="if(typeof(jsCall)=='function'){jsCall();}else{setTimeout('jsCall()',500);}" id="jsProxy" type="hidden"><div id="refHTML"></div>
  12. Hi although I read articles here, I never imagined I will post my experiences here. Many have commented on the massages they have had. In fact I began to have a regular massages only from early 2009, normally about once a month. I started with normal massages in 2009 but kept changing masseurs. I had 3 separate masseurs in 2009. Perhaps i did not click, or the rapport or the comfort zone was missing. I had an expatriate office friend who mentioned that Frank massages her every month without fail over the 3 years she was here. The sad part was she never mentioned it to me till she was leaving the country. I would have availed his services much earlier without hunting for masseurs. You see massage is a bit personal and one must be very comfortable with the masseur. Frank has massaged me 5 times so far this year and i am okay with the relationship and comfort zone. Most important for me, i trust him and he has given me professional service to the best he could. I also find him very engaging as we could talk on lot of topics which is very interesting.
  13. It is not advisable to take pics or record the session even for fun........When in love everything is forgotten but when the relationship becomes brittle and you part ways, there is a danger that these will be leaked in anger or revenge........Then when you have a new relationship, these will haunt you if it gets released. Also, blackmail is also a possibility......You will never sleep in peace after that..Best do not leave any evidence........
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