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  1. Of course the solution is to conduct an active and healthy lifestyle. Eat properly, exercise regularly, have enough rest, think positive and be wise so that you can avoid getting yourself into problems that make you feel depressed. It's the healthiest long-term natural solution. Never hope you'll get your dream body just by taking meal replacement or worse, not eating at all. The effect is not long term, plus it weakens your body Yea I know the greatest challenge to this is to discipline one's body and mind, and to know the correct technics. Just don't be too harsh on yourself. Even a fitness instructor like me cheats sometimes
  2. [quote name='Siti Zalifah' timestamp='1322397323' post='603167'] you got that ! i never and would not ever do with 2 guy n me alone [/quote] Yea I think 2 guys on 1 girl makes her look like a victim of sexual abuse. Besides I can't imagine having another naked guy being in the same room with the girl and me. So I prefer many girls on 1 guy. And yes, timing is the key. Can' t agree with you more. One way to have excellent timing, if you are into BDSM sort of thing, is to tie the guy up and let the girls control the game [img]http://www.malaysianbabes.net/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/notworthy.gif[/img]
  3. Hi.. I'm Zani from Kajang. Obviously I'm a guy. Am here as an effort to understand more of the opposite sex & am looking forward to have friends. Good day, everyone. btw why couldnt I change me group status from MYB Babe to MYB Gentlemen? It keeps telling me "Action failed". Browser problem?
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