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  1. u looking lv handbag.i got speedy30 mini lin wanna sell.

  2. Anyone knows how much is it selling in Malaysia...??
  3. woaH~sweetie pie....i love ur phone~super nice~ i love PINK~ !how muc u bought it??
  4. eeein..love ur skirt...nice Oo.. weN..nice flats~
  5. Thanks~ Crazychick...love ur dress... devidea...love ur stuff~!!nice nice~~
  6. Thanks...danielle_brandon.. luv ur 1st dress...nice~!
  7. Thanks lLaura,mannchyun,|PigLeT|,SwEEti3_Pi3.. i bought at the botique.The dress is RM 79.00,and the pants is RM24
  8. Ooh...*jealous* love all ur bags...nice nice
  9. nikki,love ur stuff Rayleen,nice boots Oo..
  10. My Bf My Handphone Internet Food Water
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