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  1. Shinjuku Kabuki cho area is very convenient and affordable
  2. California Fitness in Malaysia has been sold to Celebrity Fitness. What will happen to existing members? Will celebrity fitness honoured the membership?
  3. Not sure about afforadable but shibuya is a great place for shopping. Other places to go are Asakusa (old town feel and lots of Japanese souvenirs), Tsukiji fish market (must go early in the morning) for fresh sashimi, Oedo Onsen Monogatari (hot spring spa)
  4. I used to learn it from a music centre in PJ old town. Fees is RM60 per month for half hour per week.
  5. I would continue to work in Uni. If you are interested to further your studies, the uni will cover your study fees. Immigration Dept job will be like your current job as well, doing the same thing, dealing with the same issues. Anyway, if you really decide to go to immigration, you do not have to resign since both are gov. You just have to ask for a transfer.
  6. A bit off topic. This is not about LV bags but about the salesperson in LV boutique. Last Sat, hb and I went to LV boutique in KLCC to get a bag as gift for the wife of my hb's staff. I was also carrying an LV bag of my own at that time. When we asked to look at a certain bag, the 1st SA said 'I have other customer' and turned her back to us. Apparently, her other customer is a datuk. Then we asked a 2nd SA. This SA showed us the bag, but not the color we asked for, just t he same model but different color. Then, I asked him whether they have zip repair service as my MIL has an Alma and the zipper is a bit old. The SA said yes and asked us to call on Mon but don't ask for him (because I asked for his card). Just ask anyone who pick up the phone. What kind of service is this? Do we have to be a datuk buy LV? I am already carrying an LV bag at that time which showed that we are serious customers but they still treat us like crap.
  7. If you would like to keep the baby and give it up for abortion after birth, then perhaps you should have a look at the Malaysian Motherhood Forum under the TTC thread. http:// www.alaysianmotherhood.com/forum There are many women out there who yearn for motherhood but couldn't get pregnant and they are looking for babies to adopt
  8. Those who can afford to spend and spend without worrying about retrenchment are government servants
  9. Not that hard. It is selling in carrefoure, singer, sen Q
  10. What is your budget? Sewing machines are sold as low as RM200+ in carrefoure
  11. I don't believe there are really so many riots which supports the BN. Remember the case where the stupid MP call chinese pendatang (forgot his name already). My hb so happened to be at the scene of the riot and the supporters are all paid. It was sooo obvious that they are paid supporters to put on a show
  12. To answer your queries, 1) civil servants are govern by federal government, not by state government. Civil servants cannot be seen cooperating / supporting the state government headed by the opposition. Hence, there is no improvement in service. 2) You can't expect in less than 1 year, the opposition state government will be able to solve the problems (jam roads) which take years for BN gov to create /solve. Morever, the opposition state gov needs funding from federal gov. You think the BN gov will provide funds for the opposition? 3) Malaysians in general is not racist. Those racial issues are stirred up by certain politicians to gain popularity. As for situation in Perak, whether or not the new / old state gov is valid, considering the chaos and riot, I think the best way is to have an election all over again. BN is just too coward to have a new election as they know they will lose
  13. 2nd one is nicer. How much is it btw? I would go for LV neverfull if the price difference is not much
  14. I personally feel that neverfull would be better as it is more practical for young ladies. However, I bought a speedy 25 damier azur just 2 weeks ago instead of neverfull as I already have a Coach which is of similar size to neverfull. Having said that, I don't regret buying the speedy. I love the speedy but of course I look forward to neverfull too when I have worn out my coach
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