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  1. May be you can try duromine 30mg which i am taking now. i lose nearly 10kg in 11 weeks. oh, for the boast up metabolism you can try Lipanthyl Supra 160mg - take at night only. It's not only help you lose weight but lose fat as well.... hope can works for u .
  2. i took Xenical for almost a month but i didn't experience what prettikat is having. I didin't pass out gas or oil. i guess may be because i am taking steam food most of the time and sometimes fruits only. But believe me duromine helps a lot. I can lost weight very fast by taking that....
  3. Yeah, this is not for long term. Doc did told me that. Take until u reach your maximum weight that you desire and after that stop it . then u have to watch out your weight and food intake. but for those that want a quick weight lose , may be can try this out but just short term
  4. Duromine one for RM2.30 and Xenical is Rm3 per pill. It actually make u slimmer not light. i get it from doctor it seld
  5. Just to share my way to slim to all....... i weight 62kg when before (25/4/08) and after that i started to take Duromine and Xenical together it helps me lose 8kg until today (15/5/08). For me, currently i stop eating Xenical and continue with Duromine only. To those that want to eat Duromine - It helps you not to feel hunger and craving for food at all) and burn fats in your bodySo you can take light food since u are not hungry. As for Xenical - If you decided to eat a heavy meal with fried/oily stuffs, do take Xenical as it will make u go loo and throw all the fats out. The reason i stop eating Xenical because by eating Duromine itself, i don't feel hunger and i just take light food and steam foods only. If i include Xenical, it doesn't make different, i won't go to loo at all because there is not oily food in my stomach . My target weight is 45kg so hopefully by end of June / July i manage to achieve that.
  6. i just wanna shop shop shop...... still calculating how much i should bring there?
  7. i just can't wait to go there? more info about shopping .... anyone?
  8. hi cas, so i am staying in the right place to shop huh? my fren asking those imitation branded bag how much? whoselers means have to buy more than 1 items with same design?
  9. i am going to bangkok on 1st - 4th of july. i am staying in Imm Fusion Sukhumvit formerly known as Im Sukhumvit 50 hotel. I read from net said it is near the town , it is? can i know the clothes their pricing range? and shoes ? and handbagsssssss ? thanks
  10. just wondering who got the whole set....
  11. Hi, anyone got the full set of Mc Donald Alphabet Bear? I looking for it.. .....
  12. Love Hermes but i think it just too expensive for me..... need to work for the next 10 yrs only afford. hahaaaaa
  13. The fake one is very cheap but they just look so fake.....
  14. i love JC too. i bought a small black bowler bag and it cost me RM960..... compare to gucci and lv, it is much cheaper. the bag is cute and suitable to carry it when u wearing sporty look.
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