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  1. I'm not sure about KL counter but Penang's MAC brush set all sold out on the first day of launch most item OOS wan is the popular stuff such as brush set, plush doll, tippy, pink fish/popster, cutester etc.. I checked with Penang's MAC, they still have lots of eye palettes, glitters and some lippies
  2. finally went to see myself at pg's counter. Most of the items that were "hot" on the net were all sold out.. ie. pink fish TLC, the brush set , mirror. Mimmy was a nice color and nice for those who had medium pigmented lips IMO, fashion mews were okay, a little overrated on the net The plush doll were... RM165 , I heard most of the doll were snap up, left only 1 more when I was there in the evening today.. lolz.. tomorrow is the official launch, I wonder what they are going to sell there since most of the items already OOS.
  3. oh the HK products can buy already ar.. so nice. care to share share ar? my MUA in penang said got ppl call up to reserve but all products still available, she said no need to worry. She said our crowd in malaysia wont be so crazy like those in the US .. no need security guard to keep hold of the crowd.. lolz
  4. hm.. penang also launch on 6th.. but not sure if it is only an invitation only launch...
  5. lol I'm looking forward to see what they are up to in this Hello kitty's event. Last time Barbie's collection got photo booth some more..
  6. I'm not sure the hello kitty event will be the same as other locations, howeverI heard it will be launched in Mar-6 for Penang's MAC
  7. Monogram is already out in MV. Their packaging indeed looks pretty charming though. Metal urge is out in Penang but they sorta bring "leftover" stocks when I talk to the SA. It seems that Penang sales is not as good as KL so if you are in KL, grab them while you could if you see them. LOL. And btw, Chill is on its way too. And Hello Kitty collection is to be launch in March. Big event I heard.
  8. I have. Staying power is really good. intensity is better than fluidlines. HTHs
  9. LOL. I called a while ago, belum datang. End of the month, hopefully. Go and pray hard for it. the MA said.
  10. end of the month. Be sure to book them before you go though.
  11. Penang's Holiday collection starts from Wed, Nov 12
  12. Got it. Thanks for the updates I wonder when will the holiday collection will be out..
  13. wow. too bad I'm not a big fan of lipstick.. the only lipstick I have from MAC is slimshine.. caramel_geek, what collection is now in MAC Penang ar? I havent been there for quite some time already
  14. if you buy about RM250 of products, you are entitled to that. and it's F.O.C MAC dont sell their makeover service. You can actually call up MAC and look for Joanne (for Penang MAC branch). She's not bad.
  15. I'm guessing end of Oct. the soonest. They always come out later than the KL stores about 2-3 weeks. Keep your money first for other stuff. hehe.
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