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  1. QUOTE (eveparadise @ Jun 30 2009, 10:41 AM) I prefer Transformer I. At the beginning, that is a bit over that Autobots corporate with human to search deceptiocons everywhere, which means got war & people died all the time >.< Human life so easily sacrified because of decepticons everywhere? Bumble bee seems very emotional, a bit irritating. >.< Anyhow, he still performed good when protecting Sam to bring the Matrix to Prime. The Megatron is bigger than Optimus Prime, but he is equal with Prime in Transformer II. Is it becoz he partial of him rotten in the deep sea previously? I seldom see the beauty of transform, i think that is one of important part in a call "Transformer" movie, the transforming scene of decepticons are more than Autobots. I assume that transforming scene is not the main story line this time, but it still plays important role to spice up the movie. After the Prime got to fixed by the Matrix, i expect some fights scene then only decepticons grabbed the Matrix ler.... Anyway, Prime is the greatest coz he really did his best to protecting Sam & Sam tried his best to protect the world & rescue Prime . Just i would like to see more fighting scenes of Prime. Ironhead & other autobots also did a good jobs but as i said, more details of transforming please. One thing never changed is Ironhead stil so aggresive. I notice the tiger decepticons (duno his name ,sorry) very nice, especially his movement. All the time i only see him keep helping decepticons to fight non stop to show his responsibility being decepticons, hahaha. I think the pretender that approach Sam is unecessary because Megatron & Starscream are easily can trace & kill him. Also,why Bumble bee can't 'smell' the pretender as Bumble bee is a capable autobots & pretender is just easy to kill. At last, the story line still touching me, and i expect a better Transformer III, since Megatron & Starscream are left. haha. I'm no Transformers' fan but here's some explanation for you... Get the prequel comics and you will come to understand about 'NEST', the alliance between Autobots and the humans. Their task was to hunt down the remaining Decepticons. The comic prequels (2 of them) is about after the 1st movie and before the 2nd movie as well as some background story development on how the Megatron became a Decepticon. Bumblebee's character serves as Sam's best pa and protector in the original series. Hence, there is a form of attachment. Megatron is the same size as Prime in TF2 because he was fixed using parts of the "smaller one". If you look closely, you will notice that Megatron from TF1 is different from Megatron from TF2. Megatron from TF2 has 2 the ability to transform into 2 modes and his legs has tracks. I've heard alot of gripes about how a lot of characters weren't fleshed out but truth be told, if there were to flesh out each and every character (whose role was rather minor in this movie), it would be a rather long film...hahaha
  2. In Conjunction with the Transformers Convention @ Queensbay Mall this 26-28 June, I'm also planning a contest/pageant. 27-28 June 2009 Queensbay Mall NO STUNTS REQUIRED. JUST DRESS DOWN, POSE AND WIN LG PRODUCTS! 1st Prize : LG 42” LCD TV worth RM5399 + RM600 worth of STAGE products 2nd Prize : LG KM900 Cellphone worth RM1899 + RM500 worth of STAGE products 3rd Prize : LG Home Theatre System worth RM1099 + RM400 worth of STAGE products 5 x Consolation prize: LG KF350 Cellphone worth RM899 each + RM300 worth of STAGE products Registration Fee is only RM30. Early Birds (first 50) get 1 nail colour worth RM35 + STAGE Make Over Voucher worth RM80 + RM10 Stage Voucher. Subsequent 100 Contestants get 1 STAGE lipstick worth RM48 + RM10 Stage Cash Voucher + Fashion Cash Voucher worth RM50. 27 June (12pm - 7pm) - Outdoor Pose and Photo Shoot 28 June (1pm) - Indoor Pose and Judging More info HERE!
  3. Sales over!! thread close please.
  4. Hi there! Yes, it's definitely on! what kinda update are you searching for?
  5. Here's a heads-up for you shoppers (especially those in Penang). This 10-12 April 2009, Queensbay Mall, Penang has something called, "the Perfect 10". What is it? It's basically a card where you can buy stuff by paying only 10% of it's retail price... yes.. that means the item is 90% off!! More about this soon.
  6. Honestly, I'd say... Make it a conscious decision not to be depress. It's easier said than done, I understand but times are really bad and finding good jobs ain't easy. Jobs are available but perhaps, not to your liking. If you can't get the job that you want, maybe you should consider taking up a job that simply provides sufficiently. Once you go down that road of feeling embarrassed, depressed and all that nonsense, it's gonna be hard to get out of and pretty soon, there's always the danger of falling deeper into it till like all hope is lost and you simply give up.
  7. Dear MYB-ians, just to let you guys and gals know that Queensbay Mall, Penang has a Model Search this April 4-26. It's called "Vogue for Virtue" and it's basically Fashion for Charity Model Search with a Charity Fashion Show on the 25 April 2009 where the finalists will walk the runways with the likes of - Elaine Daly - Deborah Henry - Serena C - Jojo Struys - Roshan - Henry Golding. There's also live performances by - Juwita Suwito - Estrella - Hui Se Di Dai - An Honest Mistake. Registration is RM80. - A RM80 worth of Full-Sized Products from Shiseido - Catwalk and Make Up Workshops - A Goodie Bag of Shopping Vouchers, Premiums, T-Shirt - A Free Make Over by Shiseido (throughout the Model Search) - A Photo Shoot - An Opportunity to catwalk with celebrities - Contribute to Charity (Children Protection Centre, Persatuan Kebajikan Rumah Seri Cahaya & Budi Penyayang) There's prizes for Best Male Model, Best Female Model, Best Runway Model, Best Cover Model, Mr and Miss Hair Icon and for the finalists. Best Female Model & Best Male Model RM1000 Cash + Prizes worth RM1800 & 1-year contract with Modeling Agency & QBM Best Runway Model & Best Cover Model RM500 Cash + Prizes worth RM1300 & 1-year contract with Modeling Agency & QBM Finalist x 14 Prizes worth RM400 Mr & Miss Hair Icon Prizes worth RM500 Here are the highlights: 4-5 Apr 09 - Registration 11 Apr 09 - Workshop (Morning) 11 Apr 09 - Photo Profiling 1 (Afternoon) 12 Apr 09 - Photo Profiling 2 (Morning) 12 Apr 09 - Audition (Evening) 18 Apr 09 - Semi-Final 25 Apr 09 - Charity Fashion Show 26 Apr 09 - Grand Final If you're interested to know more, check it out at or call 04-646 8888
  8. You should stick with your the truth. If you didn't do anything then stand firm with it that you didn't do anything. What should you do? Loads of things actually... if it were me... Tell him, "Thank you for trying to be there for you for this past 4 years and that you have been faithful and always loved him. " then ask him if this is what he really wants. If it is what he wants then say good bye for he probably doesn't deserve you or he has found someone new and just using it as an excuse. Then move on with your life.
  9. oh.. at the same time? I misread.. let's see.. if I wanted to, I could have about 8 girlfriends.. yea, those you take out on dates. yea... umm.. and I'm still fat and ugly.
  10. wow.. RM600 budget for gifts?!? you must be loaded... it would help to know his interests... anyway, here's some ideas (guys are quite easy to please when it comes to receiving gifts.. well.. most guys who aren't vain anyway) - a set of books (novels or graphic novels or comics if he likes them) - Nintendo DS (instead of the PSP) - an iPod - a spa treatment and make over (hairdo, etc) - sunshades - the usual accessories (belt, wallet, rings, chains) - barbie dolls (kiddin!!)
  11. Just thought I share this with you all here in Penang. Warehouse Clearance Sale at Queensbay Mall today!! (5th Dec till 8th Dec 2008) Location: 1st Floor, North Zone (just next to Maybank) Time: 10:30am till 10:30pm Brands: - Zara - Massimo Dutti - Pull and Bear
  12. this thread is going to be 1 year old!!
  13. reported for spamming.
  14. I'm fat and ugly, had no house, credit card, no car (only a little motorbike) but had 15 gfs or so. Just because he's "ain't tat good looking" to you, it doesn't mean he "ain't tat good looking" to the ladies. And not all ladies are into looks and materialistic.
  15. Well, I think the two of you need to sit down and have a nice talk... - what's important for the both of you - is money and wealth important? - find out where the common ground is and work on that - try to plan for a holiday together (just the two of you, no handphones, no work, just spend time together)