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  1. hi girls, Im not talking about money to be viewed in material way. I need your advice as I've been facing with this issue for a long time. Im 27 and I've been with A for 10 years. He is my first love . we started our relationship since I was a student and up to date, I've been working for 1 year. I cant say that we are having a fairytale relationship but we are getting along all these while even though sometimes we do quarel ( i guess it is normal rite). The one and only problem Im facing with him is that he is an extremely unorganized guy when dealing with his financial planning. every month, i have to fork out some money to lend him ( btw, he does repay me but eventually i have to lend him money again the month after that and this goes on and on) . Sadly to say, to date, he has no saving in his bank account, whats more when it comes to the saving for our marriage purpose Im so depress each time i know that he has no enough money to use. I dont wish that he can afford to feed me as i do work but i would be extremely glad if his money is enough for his own use without having the negative (-) account balance:wub: i really need to hear from you girls out there. pls enlighten me.
  2. thank for the info, tripleL. r u staying in kl/pj?would you mind to let me know which doctor u used to visit? my doctor told me to stop my medication for a moment. I am still waiting for my 2nd blood test result. Hopefully everything will be fine for me. yea... u r rite, I try to control my diet nowadays. Will take only 1 slice of wholemeal bread and a cup of milo for my dinner. Shuba, can you let me have more info about Alpha Lipid Colostrum ( Pre Milk )?
  3. Dear Babes, Please help me!! I noticed that I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism (over active tyroid glands) 2 months ago when I took up a comprehensive blood test. As a result, I need to consume medication (which includes methimazole) under the supervision of a doctor for 18 months continuously. This is my 2nd month but I have already noticed that I have gained so much weight that all people around me started to take my weight as a topic to chat around. This is extremely hurt as I am at the servicing industry which I need to face the public. I became low-self esteem, depressed and emotional. I've gain 4 kgs within 1 month time and my weight still increasing from day to day even though I have controlled my diet strictly. I spoke to my doctor on my 2nd visit about my problem bt according to him, he still keep prescribing me with the same medication. I am not sure if methimazole causes my weight to increase or there is something wrong with my body. I desperately need babes out there to share with me if you have the similar problem and is there any recommendation or advice to me? Million thanks and I love you all.
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