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    Internship Dress code

    if its govt bank, its not advisable to wear anything that reveal too much of ur skin (including arm an legs). Better to wear pants and long jeans, or if skirt, length must cover knee and longer if possible. Though much depends on the bank policy, but u will be safe if you follow that
  2. [quote name='dr chill' date='26 July 2010 - 01:45 PM' timestamp='1280123141' post='586794'] hey, if you are looking for some one for web design and development, i can do this job for you, i have 3 year experience of web development and web based system solutions. you can reply my email mbaseer77@gmail.com [/quote] great! sending an email to you soon
  3. lordy


    yeap quite agree!
  4. lordy


    Get on with life and find, find other careers, relationship and friends. Life is like walking on a road. Sometimes u trip and fall down, sometimes u lose whats on you (possessions). But that isnt the end of the world or end of the journey. When you continue to walk, you get other possessions, careers, relationships and friends. Ask yourself this way, if one day while ur walking and u lost something, will u think that you should stop and wonder over what you have lost, or continue walking and get something else?
  5. sigh.. looks like my post didnt appear in the recruitment section. Anyhow, if anybody still interested, do leave me a PM =) I will reply with the relevant details
  6. Hello! I am looking for several web designers / illustrators on free lance basis. Requirements: 1. Simple HTML scripting, PHP and JS. 2. Knowledge of flash, applet scripting not required. 3. Able to use photo editing software 4. Able to work within dateline 5. Able to work at odd hours as our clientele are in non Asia Time zone 6. Maintain client website on a monthly basis (minor things like editing or updating links, pictures and correcting errors) What we offer: 1. Revenue share basis, as long as the customer continue to pay, u will earn that share. 2. Payment is in USD (or if u prefer RM) 3. Exposure to Europe / American / Japanese clientele 4. Flexible working hours 5. Jobs offered are on accept/decline basis, meaning you have the right to choose whether u want to accept or decline If you are interested, please PM me your contact details and please do help to spread the word around. TQ
  7. *cough*cough* ....*ahem*... mods please kindly delete this post as its in the wrong section. Sorry for the troubs
  8. well, i would like to be something that can help the oppressed, someone who can bring more kindness to this world... and eliminate bad ppl
  9. what u have mentioned is something that is very rare. Its rare because its very seldom that different type/shapes of spirits appear. Usually in most situations, u have only one type or the most two. Types as in whitish cloud type, or white mist type, or one taking physical shape and appearing in cloths or in some cases where the light behind them changes color. A few question comes to mind. Is your building well ventilated? Is there pockets of stale air? Is the air damp or heavy moisture within certain areas? Is the four corners of your building lighted (all) or some of it not? Are there staircases in at least 3 corners? Is there a nearby large moonsoon drain, river or stream? Near as in within 500 meters. Ghost and spirits exist because: 1. They did not die peacefully and hold much anger, frustration or some negative feelings 2. Died too sudden and not aware they died. Passover cannot happen if they dont realise they are dead 3. They have some wishes or desire which is not fulfilled yet. Spirits which play tricks are usually the mischevious type. But for the type that arent mischevious (appear but dont do much pranks) usually are hinting that they need help and require someone who can communicate with them. My friend setup an office in an old shoplot building (built around 1940's). He and his staff also experience many funny things like cups moving, photostate machine suddenly copy itself, appearances of spirit etc etc. So when he engaged a master, they found out that those spirits are actually victims of japanese brutality and remain stucked in that building. So the master did a ceremony to "release" them.
  10. i dont think i ever heard of such a company b4. Aigner though is a famous brand in the fashion industry. In the IT, Telco and electronics industry, there is a lot of unknown small and medium size companies.
  11. Well, i just changed jobs recently, and so far i am very happy. Great team, great support, great technical platforms. Only thing is the target is very high. Yes, i am in business development hehehe
  12. nope, i have not strayed in my past relationships before. I dont generally succumb to temptations easily hehe
  13. GEnerally, i think its quite hard to change a person. When u accept someone into your life, i would assume that you would accept a person's character, strength and weakness. If its not acceptable, then you shouldnt be even in that relationship in the first place. A person is a person. Some ppl might have bad characteristic and some good. But this is the person him/herself. Its who they are. Why do we get frustrated and want to change a person? Put it in another person's shoe, if a person is better than u and have less bad characteristic, and more good characteristic, and tries to change u, what will happen? A relationship works because there is tolerance, patience and acceptance from both sides. And its very hard to change a person into someone ideal that u want. Accept a person for who they are, and what they can become. But never accept a person bcos u want them to become what u want.
  14. hi there! welcome to MYB. Why dont u tell us more bout urself? Like what u do, where u r from, what are your hobbies and etc?
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