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  1. Yes Ifieza ....I went for appointment yesterday..you are right Frank postponed all appointments to July...the appointment was very good..planning to go again next month ..just self declare correctly..if you have any symptoms please quarantine yourself. ..safety is important
  2. Actually Frank started giving appointments. I got mine through email for June end. His email ..no changes. ..still same... frank196656@yahoo. com
  3. Hi it is nice to write after a long long break. Nobody is updating this topic for sometime. Anyway just wanted to write that I had an appointment with Frank last week and I felt good as usual. Lately slowing down on visits due to work....but still have appointment whenever possible.
  4. Hi Cindy , first time after such a long period you have written here...how are you....i also have not changed my masseur. i still go to Frank...i read here but dont sign in. Nice to see you here.
  5. Body massage@yoni massage@breast massage@relaxing massage@oil massage@push up massage@tradisional massage 0183600511

  6. Hi Carol, been a very long time since i went for an any massages..probably more than 1 1/2 years. This is also the reason i did not write anything. Finally i went back to Frank, my regular, for an appointment. It was very good. nice feeling after a long time without massages.
  7. Lina i also not gone for massage for very long time....lot of personal issues...i really miss his massages,
  8. [quote name='Rolexis73' timestamp='1335018716' post='607579'] Hi everyone please be careful and not fall trap to some pervie. I am a newbie here. I could not help it but felt i need to voice out some concern. I hope moderator can check the ip address of [b]cindybabe[/b], [b]michellebabe1981[/b] and[b] beeliantan79[/b] to see if it is the same person. I'm worried some innocent girls here may be taken advantage of by some people. I do apologize if I have made a wrong judgement but better safe than sorry right [/quote] Ha ha ha....u right. we used to be together and use the common pc with net access.... i actually wanted to post ...there is a Thai massage in bangsar village 2...not bad. you should try it folks.
  9. [quote name='qatris' date='09 July 2010 - 07:50 PM' timestamp='1278672642' post='586052'] hi, i emailed him to enquire abt the massage ystrday. Im interestd to exp a sesn wth him mayb end of the mth. However im a lil sceptical on the venue. It's a no star hotel. Wher r u going to c him? Thx [/quote] Hi there, i have been massaged by Frank. i do it in 3 star hotels. He lets us the option to select. The 3 star hotel rates are about RM130-180. However, most of older hotels are a bit run down, so he tries to get newer hotels. If he gets 2 clients for the day at the same place. he will split the cost. I paid an additional RM80.00 for the room as he managed to get another client to share the cost. It was worth it as i felt very secure. I doubt he will have appointments in dinghy or some low class hotels, which i have not encountered. He has advised me previously not to book any low class hotels as he will not turn up in that kind of hotels. You can check with him on the hotel types.
  10. [quote name='cindybabe' date='06 July 2010 - 11:08 AM' timestamp='1278382126' post='585928'] 6-7-2010 Hi long time did not visit here. how is the massage topic going. Is there any new development. I have not been having any lately due to my heavy work schedule. Now i am so tired and have decided to go for full massage package and have fixed an appointment for next week with Mr Frank. The last massage from him was some months' ago. Some of you have made positive comments about Mr Frank. I tend to agree as he seems so professional with fairly good knowledge about human body. The last time when i asked him about my breast and yoni, he gave good advise and also suggested i do kegel excercise to strengthen the lower part.....you know what i mean. Nevertheless, i enjoy his massages thats why i have made another appointment. Please do give any feedback, as all information will be of some use. cindyliew [/quote]
  11. [quote name='Fish Huey' date='17 June 2010 - 11:59 AM' timestamp='1276743541' post='585087'] yeah I have that exact feeling that you mentioned earlier. Its just difficult to get that initial step out i suppose [img]http://www.malaysianbabes.net/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif[/img] so did the massage gave a fruitful result ? [/quote] Hi, I am not sure if there is an improvement, as i have only had 3 sessions so far. But I think it is better. Any way Frank gave a good advise. He asked me to wear a comfortable bra with good support. He advised me that breast can be massaged although most of it is fatty tissue. Muscles and ligaments can be massaged. He mentioned to me that the breast is like a suspension bridge held by something called coopers ligament. If it is overstretched and lost its elasticity, then only surgery is the best option. He advised that it is better to opt for prevention with a good bra or if its heavy, a sports bra should be good to hold it up. I am now wearing a sports bra and am looking forward to my next full massage appointment with Frank. I am beginning to enjoy the sessions. I really feel good after all the stressful working conditions. I now have a session every month or two. The best part of all is , nobody knows i am having the sessions. It is good Frank maintains discretion. In all the sessions with him, he never discussed the other clients information. If you keen to try out Frank, mail is.....(frank196656@yahoo.com) beelian
  12. [quote name='Fish Huey' date='16 June 2010 - 12:07 PM' timestamp='1276661266' post='585033'] i would only consider if its a female massager [/quote] Hi Fish Huey, i too was like you , very shy and just could not come around to show my body to others. In fact when i was contacted for service, the guy was a very young man. It is very difficult for him to massage as he will be ogling. So i refused to get any massages. Finally, i was introduced to Mr Frank who is in early forties. My friends insisted that he is a professional saying after all most gynae's are men. Although i was shy, i just called him to come over for a session. He is a well mannered professional, describing what he will do during the session. He told me that the most important thing is for me to comfortable and relaxed. He told me that he will cover me with a sheet or towel the whole body and only the area to be worked on exposed. I was very shy at the beginning.......but slowly i felt more confident of his touches and slowly i let go of my shyness as i was enjoying the massage. I have already had 3 sessions with him for full massage and planning to have a 4th one in July. My initial shyness has slowly disappeared. He also never took advantage of me. I trust him more now after my initial fears. But i dont think i will expose myself to any other persons. except Frank. He is also very discreet. In fact, he also advised that everyone can do their own self massage. But i find that it is best done by someone else as i really enjoy the massage. beelian [email="beeliantan79@yahoo.com"]Email me[/email]
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