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  1. Hi All, come visit my newly opened store. Ropas ninos sells affordable branded clothes for lil ones. Next stock is coming in this week....so keep watching!! [url="http://www.ropas-ninos.blogspot.com"]www.ropas-ninos.blogspot.com[/url]
  2. Hi all, to mark down the launch of my blog, ropas ninos. i am giving away 20% for my 1st 20 customers. Hurry up!!! and grab this oppurtunity. www.ropas-ninos.blogspot.com
  3. Hi, i use to use Dermalogica facial cleanser & toner. Nothing great abt it... and my face became very oily. Why not try SkII. It's expensive but makes your face smooter. http://www.ropas-ninos.blogspot.com
  4. [quote name='chi-chi' date='27 April 2010 - 02:36 PM' timestamp='1272350200' post='582204'] Anybody using/used Dermalogica and Sothys Products before??? What are their star products. Can share with me?? [/quote]
  5. Hi members, I am starting my own blog selling kids clothings. Currently i am looking for supplier or wholesalers than get give me good quality clothings with a wholesale price. Can anyone suggest me some good suppliers??
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