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  1. anyone know how much for the Silver KSV Make Up Case?
  2. anyone know how much for the Silver KSV Make Up Case
  3. hi... how much if i wan to buy geo cm-904 3tone (blue) , Dueba DM23(brown) and DM22 (black)? please give me the total amount with poslaju fees. my power is -3.50 left n right . may i have ur hp num. i wan to mms u one picture of geo magic circle. c u got or not? if u got i wan to buy that also. u may sms me at 012-5166602 thank you
  4. sallypang

    Good toner?

    i love lancome alcohol free. used 6th bottle
  5. sallypang

    Face Shaper

    i think sheseido n kose have the massage cream
  6. i love to buy handbag. the first point for me to choice a handbag is to match my clothes. i think i have 40+ handbag. i dun care genuine or fake. brand or no brand. the most important for me is the handbag i carry suit what i wear. i think some branded handbag still affortable eg. bum, guess, bonia, CR, esprit. not a must to buy those high end like LV, Gucci, Prada. Actually those high end handbag also not worth. last time i love to buy prada , S.F and versace handbag. once the trend n fashion change i will not use that bag again. waste money also.
  7. i always love the dior lipstick. the color is natural n the texture is so moisture.
  8. loreal also have mineral powder. anyone use before? the price is RM65.90
  9. i saw magazine kate also have lip concealer
  10. my is using nanowhite Omega Day Shield SPF50++ suit her but not suit me. too oily for me.
  11. sallypang

    eyelid glue

    my darling last time, one side single n one side double. after i help him stick the sticker n glue everyday now he had both double eyelid. only one month plus. so amazing!!
  12. lemon juice can lighten scar. usually i use aloe vera juice n mix with one tea spoon of lemon juice. then apply it on my face leave it dry n clean with water. tighten pores n lighten scar * not suitable for those who r sensitive skin
  13. pure n mild sheet mask is good n not that expensive. last time i use estee lauder n biotherm sheet mask but the effect is same as pure n mild. skin food yogurt mask also ok.
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