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  1. [quote name='jocelyndenise' date='24 November 2009 - 01:33 AM' timestamp='1258997608' post='575665'] [img][/img] Anyone of ur gals go This CRT treatment? Its a light peeling process... can give me sum advices?[img][/img] [/quote] yes Ive done their CRT 2 times yrs ago.It really improved my skin a lot, I was using their skincare range as well althou its bit pricey.Too bad after the 2nd CRT, I guess my skin got immuned to the range and it had stopped working for me..
  2. This range is a hit in Japan I heard, they're being sold at Watsons and Guardians.Has anyone tried anything from this range?their numbre one seller is to be said the Supr HYaluronic Acid moisturizing lotion.I tried it on my hand, its like watery fluidish, colorless and after rubbing it for few seconds its absorbed.Didnt leave any oily or greasy residue..In western, its called toner but then in japan its being labelled as lotion. Since its pure hyaluronic acid, I guess its good but then still im reluctant to purchase it as Ive had really bad exprience wih Kose Sekkisei Lotion yrs back...
  3. MAC liners and Bourjouis.Bourjouis have the pen type so its easier.Both are really good
  4. Think first before taking these kinda internal pills girls.IMO, better consult with a good dermatologists before popping these pills.Here in France, these kinda oral care are very strict to be marketed
  5. QUOTE (sweetie belle @ Aug 6 2009, 01:30 AM) i would like to say that the facial saloon named "cellnique wellness" is the worst i been to..undeniable that their facial serbive is gud..which they will really step by step and let u njoy the entire facials..but!!!! they r pushy!!! and they sells their product..everytime i been there, sure they'll sell some product to me, especially the sebum gel, the Beautician said that every customer shall have one...and everytime i been there i have to pay more than i expect( i was trying their facial trial which is at student price)...and i sill rmb the 1st time i been there, i bring not enuf money as i dun expect i will..u know pay to buy some product...and after the facial, the beautician asks me to buy their product, i refuses and she keep push me to buy and say that each customer shall have one..and vy effectiv la...dis and that...i told them i bring not enuf money, and one of them said i can pay the rest nxt time..and if not mistaken i owe on rm13 sumting.... ok..the nxt time i went...the 1st moment i went to the saloon, i notice something was wrong..the beautician there seems like dun really bother me as their customer and i was like totally ignored...and then they is someone who bring me in and i tot like last time which i doing the same facial at the price of RM48..never really expext much...and ofcoz i bring extra money this time...and to my suprise the beautician said they wants me to have extra treatment, and two extra treatment is like buy 1 free 1 treatment...i din really know that extra treatment price even is daid that u pay that amonut u njoy 2, i did not make any calculation there... so, after that, finish the entire facials, they as usual serve me with tea and discuss my face improvment...and that nw, the beautician sells me their pakage pula...she kept ask me to sign up this and that..gosh! i'm just a student, i needa consider my financial situation as well, of coz i can't directly say yes..i told them i will consider at home...and after that that beautician make a eye contact with the other beautician (i think she is the senior of all). they din even book me for the nxt appointment...but just directly show me the bills... i was like..arhggg...and i see the over my budget again...i tot i can pay like last time..means owe them the amount that i could not efford now..and pay nxt time..yea i know i am think like that... but the 1st time is that beautician who let me pay in this way..and that i told them once again i bring not enif money..well, as a rational consumer..u all try to think, how am i suppose to actually know the exact amount that i shud bring? tak kan i really have to keluarkan my whole savings frm my banks? this is because everytime i been there they will not just let u pay rm 48 thats all..they add in more and more, and hw am i suppose to know what kind of things or service they gonna add in again? well, they r pushy and i cant really fight them as i went alone..and no onw back me up... ok..tht senior beautician pretty mad at me coz i din brin g enuf money! she said they cant let me paid in that way, afraid i mite just escape...and the amount i owe the is just few ringgit..not hundred or thoudsabd...her voice tone is high and is just like she yelled at me..and the rest of the beautician just looking at me...i feel humiliate and kinda upset..i keep korek frm my bag, purse, in order to wish that i cud correct out that few ringgit of amount to pay her...after that she sees me korek here and there, only she asks me, hw much actually i owe them, i said..just few ringgit, she then said its ok, u can go nw...but luckily i manage to korek some syilings to pay for the rest few ringgit i owed! i totally feel humiliate...i will never come bek to them anymore... u mite think that is my wrong that i din turn down their offers, or the way i pay my bills...but if u all stand at myside to see this..everytime u been there u have to prepare extra amount of money 2 pay o... i mean like i said hw am i suppose to know hw much that i needa bring there? im just a student, no kredit cards...even i bring slightly extra amount..still cannot cover that...i dunno...i just dun feel like going there...dun u see that their money minded and they wont even bother to make the nxt appointment with u... sigh***they r totally lose of their own profession...i hate it Well that sounds like one of my experience few yeard back at this salon called Step In in Penang.They're specialised in Murad Products. Ive read abt their promotion for RM 48 for Oxygen facial, which were able to penetrate 4 layers of our skin and reveals a fresher skin.It really works,my skin did look sorta fresh and bright after doing the facial. After I've paid, the beautician started her slow talk by saying my skin is actually damaged bla I need to buy tis that..I was suprised because Ive no problems with my skin at that time.I even told her my face looks fine only to me, the way she was making it like I'm having a sore face lol! Her clinic is located at a very busy area in penang, where u'll have no parking service, so my sister came to pick me up.She started honking as she can't wait there for long as its a main road stretch and near a traffic light junction.I tried to escaped by saying my sis is here I had to go, she grabbed my hand and said no no I can't go as I need to save my face and buy her products.Such a mentally retarded beautician.I snapped back at her by saying I need to go my sis is waiting( that time my sis kept honking haha).Her face turned sooooooo sour and she said Im doing a very big mistake by not taking a good care of my face..P**s off I told her..N I walked off..Too bad the facial was really good, but I dont dare to trouble myself again with such a mentally retarded beauticians..Lately I saw she had opened a bigger salon..Her persuasion did work for some ppl I guess..
  6. Girl, forget the money, what if U woke up and u find ur face disfigured?Can u get back your face? Or perhaps any of your body parts like kidney or something may have been removed? Im telling you these things could be done when they put you under anaesthethic, which suprised me that U're not informed about it! U must go back and tell them about your problems, if they can't really give u a good answer, report them then! I suspect that something had went wrong, otherwise you woudn't be vomitting.MAybe you're allergic to the procedure or something, and this def doesnt sound good;And which Dr KO is this? I know there's one famous DR KO in Klang, is he the one?Don't give a daym abt pregnant nurses or whatever infidelity between the doctors and the nurses, first of all, U should have walked out of this kinda unethical clinics, where the nurses aren't really doing their job and instead of it, they're gossiping about this and that and yet really dumb not able to answer patient's enquieries properly.
  7. Wove 22, I did my jabs from a very prestigious dermatologist in KL...Plus I don't think his jabs are from Viet as well...I just did few times and not consistent..Maybe it just didn't work on me or perhaps I should get more? Let's see. Yes, the dermato whom Ive met in France had been a dermato for over 20 yrs plus.He didnt say Vit C jabs are dangerous, he said that there are Vit C jabs for patients, but not for whitening purposes, its for other cases like ive mentioned above.He said the jab could go wrong when one mixes the Vit C wiith other substances like placenta etc without know the long term reaction when the combination is made..Plus he did mention that this had been a hit especially in Asian countries.I was shocked when he mentioned Asian countries lolz..
  8. Y donèt u girls try aspirin mask?Its really good, cheap and effective§If u google on it, U can find lotsa reviews abt it!Just get some uncoated aspirin from pharmacy and do the mask.U can either mix it it few drops of wtaer, or subistute with yogurt,hoeny or Aloe vera.Make sure its uncoated asprin (not panadols etc!)
  9. Haha!!Just something to share with you girls her.As said earlier, Im a vit c Addict myself as well, taken few jabs but coudn't really see any difference.Ive migrated to France now, and suprisingly here they strictly dont sell any vit c ampoules like Roche or Bayer.Its illegal here!I was shocked cuz mostly the Roche and Bayer brands are from here..The doc whom I've met few weeks ago mentioned that Vit C is used for other purposez like scurvy cases etc, not for whitening purposes and he said wrong usage of it will lead to cancer!I almost died when I heard that okie..Off topic, while me cursing coz coudn't get vit C jab here, Ive noticed that most chicks here often get tanned at beauty salon.And another remarkable effect that I see along wth that tan is, their skin looks sooo glowy and flawless!Althou they dont have a flawless face, breakouts here n there, but tanning hides it all.Haiz whitening or tanning?Do your maths girls
  10. Ive always problems with misturizer, they all tend to cause breakouts on my face no matter how hypoallergenic, oil free they are.I 've been using Kiehl's oil free moisturizer, for the past 2 years, its quite good. Since ive moved to France, the moiturizer isnt enuff for my face. I switched to cetaphil moisturizer, its better,light and doesn't cause any breakouts.
  11. Ive seen the store in Penang Q mall before.Yes, olive oil is really good for our skin overall, but not all people are able to tolerate with oils.I tried applying rose hip oil, vi E oil in the pasts, it had aggravated my breakouts.Plus I heard some dermato said that its not recommended to apply oil on our face in warm climated countries like Msia, its more useful in winter times.You can switch to olive oil moisturizer, depending how dry your skin is.If you still prefer the oil effects on ur skin, U can try applying Eucerin oil for bodyor Nvea caring oil.
  12. Switch to mild body soap or cleasner. Ive had for years and I coudn't wear any tops that expose my upper back.The only stuff that works for me is Johnson2 Shower Cream with almond oil. I was truly suprised after using this, my skin stays clear to the max Try not to use fragrant body shower creams and lotions.I find that too much scented will aggravate the body acnes.
  13. Being a mascara junkie, here are few of my favs; 1) Lash Sylist by Maybelline 2)Loreal Voluminous, Panoramic High end brands I love Lancome Hypnose and YSL Faux Cils
  14. Sophie, what kind of Vit c u did? Plain one or Laroscobine platinum?I know that Roche tationil delivers the most result as Ive seen good review about in in other forums.TOo bad, it didnt work for me but I guess everyone is different so I may need to take more I guess..
  15. Besides Nathan,I would also suggest DR Ranjit frm USJ 15. He is very experienced in all kind of skinconditions/ My skin was at the worst stage in March, oily skin, cystic pimples and tons of white head5 I used to have normal acne prone skin before). I went to see him in April and he gave me Accutane. Its the best thing ive done in my life I guess for my pimples . U might just gv a try!gud luck,