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  1. Hi! I don't ship overseas. thanks.
  2. Hi! MX21 Vioet is to be pre-ordered. You may try DM23 Brown. Thks.
  3. BT01 is 90. Payment to Maybank a/c. thanks.
  4. Only gray and purple in stock. Pm me. thanks.
  5. Hi! BT01 is one of the best selling. You have to click on the pics to view the larger pics, so does Ifax Black. Thanks.
  6. Hi! It depends on individual as our eyes are difference. Thanks.
  7. Hi! Clover Brown is subtle and natural color too.
  8. Hi! Sorry missed the mesg. Pmed you. Thanks.
  9. Hi! I acn ship to US and you can pay by card. The price is under my signature. Thanks.
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