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  1. [quote name='JINEIL2EN' date='12 February 2010 - 10:25 AM' timestamp='1265941553' post='578974'] no 1 will actually know how u feels when u love some1 or the situation like this... all talks r cheap, really really cheap... just b urself, treat urself nicer than ever, love wat u love & hates wat u hates... cheers... [/quote] Thanks JINEIL2EN.. it's actually a blessing cause I get to shared this with someone who I don't get to see or know but they have been so understanding all along...
  2. [quote name='Glow' date='11 February 2010 - 11:25 PM' timestamp='1265901935' post='578967'] Umm, actually you bought all this on urself. And so did the guy. I wouldnt blame the wife for hitting/ bashing him. And ur lucky u got away with it without any harm from her. Im not trying to hurt ur feelings, im just being straight up and telling u how it is. What woman would want her bf let alone husband sneaking around fcuking with another/ others? The thing that makes me wonder the most is "why" some girls/ women have affairs with someones bf/ husbands knowing that they wouldnt want it done to them. Why do they feel the need for words of comfort when things backfire? It just annoys me. The wife i suppose has brains too. Atleast she didnt yell/talk to you in front of her kids. Even though her kids probably know whats going on. Yes you should be ashamed, i would too if i were you or anyone else who got caught in this nasty situation. But then again, i wouldnt do this kinda thing anyway. Just keep in mind that guys/men will say or do practically anything to get into ur pants, and women will/would do practically anything when theyre angry, ur lucky she didnt splash acid on u or something lol!. Just hope that oneday some other girl/ women wont steal/ or have an affair with your husband. [/quote] the reason why I'm here is because I did a terrible mistake and I believe babes here were sincere in giving their advise and opinion like what I've have received from them and I'm appreciated it. I do not need critics or so-called words of comfort like you mentioned anyhow thanks for telling us your thoughts.
  3. I would like to share with you all on what's happening after my post on 3rd Jan. 20 days after that my worst nightmare comes to real life. On 23rd Jan, I received a call from his mobile. Without hesitation I picked up the call and it is his wife on the other line. I guess they just have a huge fight I can hear the crying sounds of her daughter and she began to yelled at me calling me bitch and whore, asked me to come over their residence right away. "So you loveed with my husband, you bitch" these words still echoes in my head up until now.. The night before that, he was at my place right when he landed in Malaysia after his work trip. I wasn't sure how she founds out but the strange thing was I didn't feel afraid at all of facing her. It was raining really hard, I drove to their place which is only 15 mins away from my house. She was already there waiting for me outside the gate when I arrived. The kids was in the living room, she asked me to go upstairs instead of having the conversation in front of her kids. When I went up, I was shocked to see him bruise all over his body, there was also a blood stain in his shirt and face. I guess his wife hits him really hard, maybe throwing some hard stuff. He looked at me but I can't read his expression, he was full of guilt...and torn apart. His wife finally cools down and started to asked me questions like how long have this relationship been going on, I talked to her calmly and telling her that I didn't mean to get into this affair but he was the one who always make me stay and telling me about how broken is his marriage life. She laughed when she heard that, sarcasticly she told me that they have been making love almost every night and there is nothing wrong with their marriage. My heart stopped beating when I heard that I looked at him with my teary eyes he seems sorry from that moment I knew that bastard has been lying so he can bed me. And I also learned that his wife found out about us from his passport whereby he supposed to be home a day earlier. I felt so ashamed, upset and angry of myself I couldnt stay there any longer and I leave the house with unstable emotion. After the incident, I didn't ate for almost a week I cried almost every night thinking about things we used to do and all the promises he make. I've learned the biggest lesson in my life, I hope time will heal my paper heart cause up until now I'm still heartbroken...
  4. Thanks for the advise guys.. I know it is easily said than done but I hope I can really learn to let go. It is really hard to found someone that you really love your whole hearted but I guess this one is not worth fighting for. He is a father of 2 kids and I can't imagine my life in the future if I'm still stick with him. I even get really jealous and irritating sometimes cause he loves them so much. The kids that her wife gave birth to. Omg! I should really wake up!
  5. I know this might sounds cliche. Fall in love with the married man (the wrong man!)... I've been in love before but nothing compares to my feeling towards him. We knew each other for a year but started the serious relationship about 3 mths ago. Reason of his unfaithfulness towards his wife was because they are not happy with each other anymore. I did asked him before did he still love his wife. He said it's more to respect now as she is the mother to his kids. He also told me that they didn't have sex anymore and her wife never initiated to be intimate also. I knew I am such a fool for getting myself into this relationship, but at the same time I couldn't let go. There was so many times when I told him that we shouldn't be doing this anymore and there are once he even down on his knees, cried and told me to give him a little more time. I don't want to sounds like a home wrecker but we love each other so much. I am torn and confused..
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