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  1. Hello, Does anyone know HK or Thailand Longchamp le pliage will be cheaper than Msia?
  2. For the nighties, you can get it in Primark Outlet in any parts of Uk. There have alot of varieties.. and it is pretty cheap when they are having sales!!
  3. Are the wakilala products still available? Im interested.
  4. I wonder does the clinic Dr can easily js put injection for u without reject? I guess some of the clinic drs do not simply put injection for patient rite?
  5. Sharon, Can you pls send me the details / function for the masks? Thanks
  6. yes, Mng always onsales on mid of June and end of December...
  7. Im thinking of buying the Ampule and bring it for dr to inject but there is always a problem that im worrying. Will the ampule is genuine? How can I know it's no harm to our body??
  8. how to go to bangsar village 2?
  9. erm.. i will choose 10. coz it looks very classsy..
  10. Does anyone know which beauty salon in Klang provides this Vit C jab service?
  11. Chica, for the Vit C powder, are you talking about ascorbic acid by skinactives? Besides tat, do u still using any other product on yr eyes?
  12. Im using their brightening mask, I felt moisture after putting the mask instead of brightening. You can feel soft and moisture afterall..
  13. I wonder do you girls experienced the pain on your breast before your menstrual? I always have this problem a week before my period.. Is it normal? do you girls face this problem as well?
  14. Im using the Braun Epilator which same with smileyc240. I bought tat Epilator in UK and it costs me 32pounds. But I dunno y I feel pain when i epilate my underarms. sometimes it bleeding as well.. can anyone tell me how to use the Epilator? Am I using in the wrong way or its actually hurt when the 1st few times?
  15. Im using Epilator to epilate my underarms and legs. And I dunno y I feel pain when I epilate my underarms. sometimes it even bleeding. So did you girls have this problem before? or maybe im using it in the wrong way?