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  1. Looks do matter... eventually looks doesnt matter because we grow old and like what bui said.. but at the starting stages of a relationship or courtship, looks does indeed matter. You wouldnt want to be with a fugly gf/bf... and I do mean fugly... fugly people do have to work extra hard just to get some attention in this world.. because when they have people's attention, then only they can let people see how beautiful they are inside.. we say we look for the whole package and so on. but think to yourself... would u give notice to a boy who is very obnoxious and dirty? you just cant see that he is kind and fantastic.. just that his habits and his looks is extremely pathetic.. and to guys.. would u give notice to a girl who is fat and ugly who does not know how to shave her legs or her armpits? just think... looks plays a big part.. HOWEVER... dont forget the phrase, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. your defination of beauty may not be the same as mine ..
  2. Its no use having her as a gf.. if you ask in the forum.. you will get an expected "talk to her about your problems..". easy solution isnt? why dont u do it? if u love your gf that much and refuse to let go.. why not you LEARN to say no? since you dont like her sucking your money away with stuffs.. why not be a MAN and not give in? dont tell me that you are scared that she will leave you.. aiyohhh... u wanted to break up 3 times.. u still scared kah? NO means NO... YES sometimes can mean NO.. so learn to say NO.. dont be a chicken and give in all the time.. dont tell me that she has no money.. she working how come no money? she must learn how to budget.. life isnt easy when you are not rich.. one must learn to budget and put money aside.. oh yeah... damage is done.. so no use telling her.. "honey.. I think you spending way too much of my money..".. cause she wont listen.. you need to know how to say "NO BITCH.. NO.."
  3. Can anyone help me? Im looking to buy PURE essential oils. Im thinking of using it for massage and aromatherapy. But I cant seem to find suitables ones. Anyone has any ideas where to get? thx a lot!
  4. [quote name='icemanfx' date='01 February 2010 - 11:58 PM' timestamp='1265039928' post='578534'] What’s wrong for a girl to get married at 20 y.o.? If shefound her dream husband and is happy. By marrying late, there is no guaranteeshe will find a better person or marriage will be happier. On the other hand, ifremain singles, the chance for the relationship to turn sour will increase substantiallyover the years. [/quote] its nothing wrong.. but the common thought is that when you are young you are not ready to get married.. its more to matured thinking.. you know when you are small you tend to think whoever you are with will be the one forever? but lo and behold 8 out of 10 ppl would break up and switch partners because they found out they are not compatible.. its better to be sure of yourself and marry instead of just go ahead and marry and end up being in divorce which you have to sign papers, divide your property, etc... less hassle and less embarrassing dont u think? but if you could think and you are extremely sure that he/she is the one and not being clouded by love and lust.. by all means.. go and get married..
  5. extra virgin is not meant to be used for cooking.. its for salad dressing! haha.. use it for salads.. do some vinaigrette with your remaining extra virgin olive oils.. its nice
  6. I know its expensive.. but usually I take ginseng.. it really gives me a big kick since coffee doesnt work for me.. I buy the american ginseng from one utama the big chinese medicine shop.. and I usually put a few slices into a cup of hot boiling water and drink... it does give me a big boost.. tested when I was rushing for my assignment and I stayed up whole night till morning and attending a lecture and a tutorial..
  7. you are young and unsure what would happen in the future.. are you really happy with him? is your relationship really stable and you could put up with him? it is indeed normal for one to become so nervous until they worry a lot.. because you are going through marriage.. you and him will be one.. he will come into your life and you will go into his life and sit there.. ofcourse its different! but you are still young which makes it really scary.. Im sorry but in my opinion, you are just not ready to face marriage.. you are still in the dark about whether you truely love him or still being very flower heart.. but nevertheless! be strong.. buckle up for the amazing life you are going to go thru! look forward to be in his life.. dont look at the stuffs you are worried about because eventually it will happen. everyone changes and even him..
  8. what type you use for cooking? I find those light olive oils have no smell.. well there is abit if you sniff it while it is heating up.. keep those extra virgin ones for salad dressings..
  9. yes you will.. it is absolutely normal to feel sad when you see a happy couple.. you've been together for 8 yrs and you've been thru all the turmoils and all the hardship together.. it is very difficult to forget.. it is up to you to change yourself.. whether to look up to the bright sky and smile or look down on the gloomy river and frown.. I know its hard.. but if you pull thru.. happiness is always by your side.. I use to feel sad when I broke up with my ex because we were so meant to be with each other.. 4yrs down the road Im still crying deep down inside because I just couldnt forget the days and the nights we had together.. in the end I just thought to myself what for should I mourn for so long? I patched up my broken heart and went on with my life and now Im happily attached.. good things do come in the future.. you just have to be strong and take in all the challenges!
  10. knife and mazola oils are different.. knife oil is peanut oil + canola oil whereas mazola is corn oil.. both give different properties.. and Naturel is either canola oil or sunflower oil or a blend of both.. also got different properties.. Im using olive oil for my cooking..
  11. sometimes lust takes over and felt that the gf of 5yrs is just someone who is so close that you dont actually feel the love anymore. but once you are left alone you will feel that you've done a really bad mistake and want to get back together.. its like drugs.. when you are on it you feel as if you are being normal because your body has been adjusted to the getting high as normal but once you dont take it, you will get terribly sick! but sometimes they think the 5yrs gf is a backup plan..
  12. I cant remember how much is a tin dy.. but I did have an increase of 10kg.. I did consume continuously until I finished up the 2nd tin(or 3rd? cant remember) and I got lazy to buy then I stopped. Now Im having a slight problem of keeping myself thin.. LOL!
  13. [quote name='honeylicious' date='17 January 2010 - 11:59 PM' timestamp='1263743994' post='577958'] [color="#9932cc"]My height is 165cm, and my weight is 47kg. Since I was a kid, I've been commented to be too skinny although I have normal diet like everyone else. Recently I have got sooooooooooo frustrated that everyone keeps throwing the same question to me, 'Hey, you're too skinny! You never eat???' In fact, my body, specifically my arms make me look thinner than other girls. What should I do to gain more weight? I even think of consuming Appeton Weight Gain powder.. but I have friends who tried it, telling me it's useless. Anyone has good advice for me please?[/color] [/quote] I've tried the appeton weight gain powder and the result does show.. whenever I eat it my appetite will open up and I usually eat more than I do.. dont expect fast results because it took me few months to look from skinny twig to a meaty person.. I think I went thru two appeton weight gain tins only I notice the result.. but I did do lots of exercise when I was taking that... its better that way.. makes you looks nicer.. but ofcourse u must eat more than you exercise lah.. unless you want ripping muscles showing all over.. other than that.. if you want to get fat the unhealthy way.. eat alot.. dont do much sport.. when eat alot I mean u need to take 5 meals a day.. huge breakfast.. huge lunch.. lots of yummy goodness(cakes) in tea.. huge dinner and lots of sweets for supper(chocolates works best.. remember to brush your teeth!).. sometimes its your metabolism.. maybe just after a few years you will just start to grow sideways..
  14. [quote name='JINEIL2EN' date='15 January 2010 - 03:41 PM' timestamp='1263541290' post='577901'] i just know, "if i darn rich, i can buy u every LV, Hermes, Gucci & BV stuff...."... [/quote] HAHAHA.. I love that!
  15. in my opinion, she should understand that you are into financial difficulties. However money hungry the girl is, if she truely does loves you and sees you as a keeper, I dont think she would be so mad until it will affect the relationship.
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