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  1. erm..can i ask how much calories do you girls take in everyday?
  2. anyone can tell me websites to upload songs please?
  3. hey..can i ask how to put in the skin tat i want into my blog template?
  4. yea..i realized that..but its still so big..and sometimes i cant get myself some nice lingerie bcos usually those nice ones range from A to C only..its very saddening
  5. how u lose ur boobs?
  6. yea..unwanted attention..and another matter is..i think my backbone is aching bcoz of it..
  7. weight is 47kg and height 162cm..hormone?is there any cure or something?
  8. D..its really too big for me as im quite thin u noe
  9. hie..anyone here facing an oversized boobs?its very tiring sometimes and i cant fit into baby tees and alot other there any way to reduce the size or watsoever?